The Path To Freedom: The How-Tos and Why-Nots, by Eric Watson

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Knowledge Therapy
The Journey
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There was conditioning,

You have to accept the theory but the conditioning will still remain. I had to learn what conditioning meant and how to over come it as so with acceptance.I had a fire burning that kept me in studies and practice, using the whole bag of tricks constantly for about 6 to 7 hrs a day. I was consumed with practicing and believing everything I could get into my mind. It's almost as if for the last five months this is pretty much all I've thought about. I feel like I've been schooled for 150 days straight and the fire is still burning. The affirmations were constant,the hope was constant, all the lessons of thinking psycolgical when I began to hurt and then jorunaling about my days whether it was rage or victory.

The fear was always trying to rear its head and I would counter with the thought of victory or positive affirmations or focusing on another part of my body and of all things having the optimistic attitude continually. When I got mad I'd journal, I would hurt and journal. To say the least I mixed everything into the pot and used it all.

I was always looking for something new to add to my arsenal and in all of this I learnt that although I would say the affirmations. I found that I had to feel in my mind that they were actually happening before they were. Then within hours I would start to feel peace instead of just saying it. I would feel hope instead of just thinking it. This was my method.

I know we are different but at the same time I also know these techniques can be universal. I kept a burning desire to continue the course, and order my mind that it's not going to control me unless its all good. When I started to understand my personality traits that were causing tension,this helped a ton. I would start to get pain and then I would focus on something that might be causeing anger or anxiety. Then I would counter that with good thoughts of peace and patience.

Any other time I would think about the pain, but this time I thought about things I needed to do for the rest of the night. The way I thought before I ever got hurt and this wouldn't generate any pain, it would make the symtom stop.

Just keeping my mind off the focus of my lower back and thinking in terms of other things like I said above. It worked fine like magic,as you can tell I'm combining everything for what works best for me and its working good.

I'll just think in the now or become mindful or think psychological. These were more of my last steps. Of course I'll keep on re-programming and re-versing to recondition and stay fine tuned.

  1. Reading sarnos books and applying every method you see.
  2. Believing all of it unconditionally.
  3. Knowing that it is benign and not structural.
  4. It's real pain but its caused by repressed and supressed emotions.
  5. Get to the real problems by observing your personality traits. Like how do I react,not act but react to stressors. Also what habits do I have that are causeing stress.
  6. Learning to reverse negative thoughts by positive affirmations.
  7. Acceptance that you have TMS and knowing you can get rid of it. (The pain)
  8. The pain is from something that you think about all day. It's just unnoticed to you now.
  9. Thinking psycological in all forms.
  10. If you think about love and acceptance with no fear,this method works too.It's working for me tonite (11-20-12).

Now I know what I'm supposed to do. It's been a look into the power that we really have living on the inside of us. I know how to speak to the mountains now.Don't put a time limit on getting healed. Some people heal in weeks and others months or Yrs. This is a condition that you have built up your whole life by repression. This truly is knowledge therapy and I havent seen a person on the forum yet, that hasn't been healed.

We all come in almost dying in pain and at our wits end. And we recover. We never think at first that we will but as we learn and apply we do. You have to get rid of any fear of your pain. I know it hurts but in time you will learn how to reverse the hurt and you will heal. Break the conditioning and understand repression.Understand elements of your personality, Learn Acceptance.

Also, We have neural pathways ingrained through our mind to our symptoms based on the focus,attention and fear we give TMS. I've re-conditioned my mind to not think this way anymore, so in essence I've grown new neural pathways to hold and send these energy thoughts of healing to my body now. Now if my thoughts try to linger toward a symptom, I'll just think in the now or become mindful and think psychological.

Of course I'll keep on re-programming and re-versing- Learning and applying to stay fine tuned. I've also been healed of many other things along the way through studying TMS. It has made my walk in faith so much stronger.

I know now even though I was told a thousand times before how to just believe and watch miracles happen. I can trust that saying because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I healed this way with my mind. I've also learned how to manage feelings and emotions. Also If I want to tell someone something - I don't feel guilty because I had to say no . In the past I might have had no awareness of my reactions. Id blame my wife because I didnt know all my perception was rejection. Now if I start to have anxiety or pain I'll start to thinkwhat am I angry or anxious about that I'm holding onto and I will face it and stand up to the bully or critic and Ill almost always have immediate symptom relief.

This is part of my recovery story. Just a reminder to all my friends on the forum to hang in there and never give up. The magic of John Sarno on YouTube was one of the videos that led me to seek TMS healing. I re-watched it today and it made all the sense in the world to me. When I first watched it I didnt quite get it. It's taken a lot of work but its over. I feel like I did before I ever got my back hurt.

While reading your journals and remembering your thoughts from your journaling and accepting them, then you get relief.

I've noticed when I re-read my journals I feel better or if I just think about the repressed thoughts I've stumbled upon while journaling or talking or just about to go to sleep. I ponder on these and I'll notice a huge tension re-lease.

The above story was my style of practice. The story below is how it happened and the other results.

I was one of those time bombs just waiting to go off, not knowing for that one day when the sky was blue and all the day was long and pretty. Even heard a rooster crow that morning. In the south that means it’s going to be a good day. Even though the day was perfect the mechanism knew it was time. I was distracted thinking of something else. My worries were about to fade and I had it all under control then after a debilitating two years of near crucifixion.

Then it hit me as I'd bent over to show my fiancé how to lift a hundred pounds correctly with no problem. Well it was a problem alright cause from that ouch on I just got worse and worse till I was bedridden. Now how’s that for a mechanism that’s supposed to love and help me. But that it did and as time rolled around and I learned the finer points of TMS healing I saw how important it was to have a correct diagnosis. Usually because we are goodist or perfectionist or a little of each or in my case I had both. The goodest was keeping me worried if I was pleasing everyone enough and the perfectionist was killing me thinking that everything had to be perfect.

My whole life I’ve searched for that one grasp of hope that would clear up the pain. I’ve always had pain, very severe mostly and on the days that I felt like I could work, I'd call those days blessed. They were you know. I’ve had a few yrs that I thought I was completely better from the TMS bug but really the whole time I had sciatica, I just never told anyone. Why would the doctors not want to tell me the truth? Well I think Sarno clears that up in his book but it sure didn’t help me any till I found his book. God Bless you Sarno.

The type T's and I started to communicate with each other on forums like TMS Wiki. I decided to fall in head first and understand more about this new found knowledge and that I did. I’m good friends with all the administrators and the owner Forest. Forest has already helped so many and he’s had TMS extreme in the past. He’s like the poster child for TMS, but he's also a genius and he knew how to look for the right diagnosis to his CSI. He went there and never looked back. Thank you Forest.

Really it’s any personality in general, anyone can get TMS. It's true, it’s a small percentage other than the usual types but if you’ve had X-rays, Scans, MRI's, and the such and no one is telling you its TMS. Well here is when you see a TMS Doc or go to where all the gurus are on the TMS Wiki Forum Website and read and apply everything in this book, no ifs, just do it.

The years turned out to be the hardest in my life but also the best. I learned not to take life for granted. I learned to be at peace instead of tense all the time. Loose all un-forgiveness, trust yourself that your capable to always, no matter what age over acheive. I'm healed and I thank you all but really I couldn't even get out of bed for years and years, yes it got that bad but I'm here to say it's over. All that lost time dealing with emotions when really I didnt have to.

I learned many beautiful concepts on how to heal with Dr. Sarnos book Healing Back Pain being at the forfront. We never forget our friend Steve, I guess if he added the folks he's helped, well thats hard to add. We have to be aware of our precious time and go at the program with full belief and tenacity to kill a buffalo in calmness and you'll win. Learn how, I did along with thousnds of others.

I thought at first,is this a gamble since my last decade I have taught and healed with the word and mind body but I never knew your system responded to words that way with just your own words of enlightenment and I started telling the pain to stop. It wasnt real and it would listen. This was cool I'd finally learned how to heal myself, wow! It intriqed me. I'd been doing it the whole time right under my own nose-hum. Something you will learn about at TMS Wiki too is usually to make the best of our lives and we can.

Choose any time to work all that time in right. Really we thank God for our ups and downs, you'll see what I mean when you start your journey. So since ive been healed after 25 yrs total of severe back pain and anxiety. The sky is the limit ya know and here I am with promises to fill to myself. See we can loose sight of the best blessing we have, our health and I did. We stop there when we see the pain and we reverse it then with the TMS healing therapy. It's helped me get my life back and I'm different now. I see the green grass and the pretty blue sky. I can feel the hope and courage again to do anything I want. I have the world at my tips and I work those tips. It's all the LOA ya know.

Results of Healings

A lower lumber problem with pain radiating all over my back, spondelothesis, healed in about 12 months. I have gotten rid of a torn rotater cuff in both shoulders (20)Yrs. Neck Pain. Hurt big toe (12)Yrs. Feet burning 25 Yrs.

I see only possiblites where as before it was fear talking in my heart. I cant say thank you enough to all those that decided here to share a word of wisdom with me.

I've read three of Sarnos books, Steve's book (The Great Pain Deception) Peale, Hill, Carnegie ,Murphy and Bristol. Now I'm pursuing Claire Weekes. If any one needs help Im here. I'm still learning because in reality TMS healing is a journey of life.



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