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Our practitioner directory is viewed on average about 80 times every day. We hope that you will consider contributing some information about yourself or the services you offer to it. If you would like to suggest any changes to the information about yourself in this list, please email us at Practitionerfeedback email.jpg.

Get Listed on the Practitioner Directory

Before we add you to the directory, we first ask that you complete a TMS Professional Survey, which we will then post to the wiki and link to from your listing. The answers you provide help our visitors make an informed choice when contacting potential providers they find on the directory. For more information on the survey and the practitioners who have completed it, visit the main page for the project.

After you send us your completed survey, we will then create your listing and post your survey to the wiki.

If you do not fit the criteria for inclusion on the list of doctors and therapists, but are already an established practitioner, you may be able to be added to the list of additional TMS practitioners. A link to your full listing will be included on the list of doctors and therapists in the appropriate location. You will still fill out a survey response form to be listed on this directory.

Updating Existing Information & Adding More Content

Our aim with the practitioner directory is to provide as much high quality information as possible that might help someone make an informed choice between different TMS practitioners. Please consider helping us for a moment by thinking if there is any information that you could provide about yourself or the services you offer.

In general, we are always looking for more information to add for every single practitioner. If the information could possibly help a significant proportion of our readers, we would probably like to host it--if not in the provider page, then somewhere else on the site. (An exception to this would be things like general introductions to TMS or it's treatment-- information that is general in nature and duplicates information already in the site.)

Perhaps the best way to see what type of information we are looking for is by looking at the current list. Please bear in mind, that if there is less information about some providers than there is about others, it is most likely simply because we didn't have access to information about the provider. If we have less information about you, chances are you can help us by providing us with more information.

In general, we particularly like information that can be verified as factually true, especially if we can include a link so that the reader can easily verify for themselves.

If you have a unique philosophy or approach, such as using somatic experiencing, mindfulness, or adhering to a specific school of psychotherapy, we would like to add that, perhaps including links so that the reader can read more. (On the other hand, if you don't have a unique philosophy or approach, providing "filler" text most likely won't be very helpful to the reader and may be perceived as cheap talk.)

We are always interested in providing links to resumes, CVs, or bios; statements about your philosophy or approach to TMS treatment; and websites. If you have documents that aren't available yet on the web, we are generally happy to upload it onto the site for you.

If you contribute content to the wiki, we will typically link to that in your entry. Aside from helping to get people to explore other parts of the wiki, we believe that if a practitioner takes time out of their busy schedule to contribute to the wiki they must be pretty excited about the TMS approach and about helping people who suffer from TMS. The wiki is large enough that the most helpful contributions will have a more specific subject matter rather than a more general one. For example, reviews of mindbody books that you particularly like, essays about patients' questions that you frequently answer, or summaries of specific strands of the research literature are gratefully appreciated. If you'd like more ideas or to get feedback on contributing certain content, feel free to send an email to Practitionerfeedback email.jpg.

In summary, please do not be shy about providing us with information about yourself to add to the list. We do have standards about the type of information that we are looking for and we won't be shy about sticking to those standards, but chances are, we would like to have more information about you than we already have. Most editors of the wiki have had their lives transformed by their TMS diagnoses and are very grateful to you for the work that you do with your patients. The one thing that we can guarantee is that we are interested in working respectfully with you to make a page that is maximally helpful to this website's visitors.

How to request a change

To request a change to your survey response or listing, please first make sure that the change complies with our policies, above. Then, please email a document to Practitionerfeedback email.jpg with each of the changes that you are requesting. For each requested change, you should include three things:

  1. The page that you want edited. If you can paste in a URL/web address, that will lead to fastest service.
  2. The exact text you want removed.
  3. The exact proposed replacement text.

For each requested change, please include all three of these elements, making sure it is clear which is which.

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