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its an understanding

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Id like to elaborate on some meanings to concepts that was the rules to my healing, the reason i call them rules is because you have to do them -the brain will try to lead you away from study-we have to approach this like its your last and only chance -no other method unless it complements sarnos work like steveo/weekes/benson/peale ,and so forth.....

    (1) Thinking psycological-get your mind off the pain and ignore it- get it on something emotional like anger and anxiety.

    (2) The surpression that you think about journal it- and were not to just journal but study,learn and apply these - your good days- your personality-conditioning-acceptance-awareness-thinking in the now-what do you fear other than the pain-stressers-triggers-the rage sooth ratio-affiramtions-sensitization-family-id,ego,superego,mental strain-physical strain- love-peace-joy-happiness-gentleness-kindness and meditation-the shoulds and should not jitters that tms loves to confuse us with;

    (3) Vigorous exercise and no exercise;were to exercise for health benefits only-it will stregthen the atrophy,but is not the cure,

    (4) Fear and the fear of fear.

    (5) You really got a thinking problem that is causeing your physical problem but your not doing it -your mind is-(or r u-its your focus)

    6) Its not what you repressed but why did you repress it although the explantion for this if not achieved will not prevent a cure

    7) The work in number 1 and 2 above r the cure,a magic combonation of sorts.

    This is only the mental work and dont let it baffle you. That would be a tms trick, don't fall for it. All the concepts are easy to learn. The key is to absorbe them, study them, practice them and let it become a part of you-the whole of the knowledge.

    So in essence when i break all these attributes doun and you do them and know what ifs or negatives about it you will heal.

    1) The work to start with is as simple as accepting all the rules from page 82 of sarnos healing back pain-called the daily reminders and practice all in order to get the concept combonation that works for you.

    A)for example awareness ,acceptance,releasing and no fear might be all you need

    Always remember,if you can think of the surpression and the conditioning and so forth (in your head) you might just need think about them like Steveo, etc.... the number two pencil helps another thinking for me but I also think about personality traits, what's bothering me, what traits have I been conditioned to in my head and so forth...etc...

    This is a gathering of the concepts that I have discovered in sarnos works and his contemparies. Much more to be added, remember your brain will tell you this is going to take forever and if you believe it-well.

    This list will be open for discussion and all the concepts as i put them together...it is not a 7 step plan,but a journey,its effects will last a life time-if you quit arguing with yourself-but wait we are going to talk or sometimes yell or whisper to our brains but in complete acceptance

    Thanks for all the help
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I wanted to Re-post this as it brings back the core of the tms healing knowledge therapy.
    I never got a reply so id like to see if someone might have a tool or two to add to this thread, thanks.
  3. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    Thanks for bumping this up, Herbie. Number 6 on your list (It's not what you repressed but why did you repress it although the explanation for this if not achieved will not prevent a cure) really resonated with me. Although you can overcome TMS without going into this, having some knowledge (it can be pretty basic) about why you may be repressing/why you may have developed TMS can really help in the long run. (I say basic knowledge because for some, going into depth about past events or past traumas aren't always that helpful to TMS healing. Knowing certain events happened, and acknowledging the potential influence or impact they have, may be enough to move forward, at least in terms of overcoming TMS.)

    I guess I see dealing with why you may repress as dealing directly with the source of why you may have TMS overall. Identifying what you repress is an essential step and can lead to great progress, and even recovery, but identifying why, it seems, could provide folks with answers that could help them maintain a pain-free life. It's not an essential step, like you said, but it could be a helpful one.....
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  4. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    I agree with Becca wholeheartedly about the importance of point 6, Herbie:

    You have get a top-level general understanding of the unconscious motivations driving your emotionally repressive coping style that leads to resolving the psychological tension behind your TMS symptoms. Why? Again, it's like Dr Sarno says: 1.) childhood issues like separation anxiety 2.) current stressors 3.) personality traits like perfectionism and goodism. This lets you reach some pretty viable conclusions about what's bugging you though. Might be a good idea to conceptualize the whole process in terms of a spacio-temporal geometric diagram if that will help you get a better intellectual handle on it. I just realized you could write several volumes on what Herbie is getting at in a single sentence, so I think I'd better stop right here and pass the baton on to others!
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