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Sarno, A Rock Star?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    A lot of people think we're the snake oil salesmen and I’m here a glowing house that can be seen on top of the hill and they still ask if I’m telling the truth. It’s really not their fault, but that part has to be put down. We all had to have some adjustments to our thinking, I remember I took right to it. I really at first first didn’t take to it but after looking at the site, I dove right in.
    It’s worth all the money in the world to be in control of our health and mind. See we worry and think oh lord what is going to happen if this tms therapy doesn’t work. Then we do the same thing when we don’t practice the 12 daily reminders. We react dreadful to situations and all in all this is just the way we’ve been programmed with fear and its conditioned. So after you understand you can get better, you've got to keep understanding this till the re-conditioning occurs. Honestly we can’t use our old way of thinking till we’ve relearned everything Sarno’s way, no if and or buts about it.
    See I had faith first and acceptance, then comes tms healing and it’s a powerhouse of joy to know I can heal. Then I healed by believing and reading every letter and understanding every letter to Sarno’s books. I love Steve Ozanichs book too, a great tool to add to your library of wisdom.
    I talked to Steve a week ago or maybe 10 days ago. I’ve been so busy he said. He'd just got done talking to Sarno and he told Sarno he was a rock star. He said Sarno already had his next ten yrs. planned for his goals. How’s that for a man with tms healing in his mind, still reaching for the stars a great role model. His works are very telling of the mind of the Tms'er and how we heal.
    I think those that don’t get the books, they will get there if they keep believing it’s all about sinking the information into the sub-conscious. If someone is hopeful for you and you heard a million times you’re going to be better and it’s a tms therapist, life coach or a tms guru telling you this, then you really need to listen because they know a thing or two.
    For most tms helpers their doing it cause they care. I’ve helped lots of folks. That’s what I do. I love to see someone say thank you Eric and tell me how they were helped by my guidance or the forums guidance. I love to see the successes, but I love most to help.
    But what about the rock n roll king? I know he had a heart. Man it must have been hard being in Sarno’s shoes. But guess what he's living life to the full. And when we start believing with all our heart and trust the tms community and books. Then put all the practice in, you too will be that light shining from the top of the hill

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