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How to get healed pt 1

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    How to get cured pt.1

    I’m going to show you different avenues to arrive at the same destination, and heres the awesome part. You get to choose which destination to take.

    This is the first way-which works like a gem

    1) Set your outcome clear and well defined

    a) How are you going to feel when you get healed?

    b) What are you going to do

    c) How will you feel and react then

    d) Where are you going to go

    e) We know it’s the five ws and from here its to infinity and beyond-I had to say that to stay psychological. The reasons all of them are joy- huh?

    2) Find a person or someone who has already achieved what you want to do.

    a) Heres where we applaud everyone that helps us especially those at tms wiki. Here we work off heart.we applaud you for your courage to stand.here we don’t give up. See now we got 1 and 2 covered

    3) Study – Study –Study
    a) First look at what you have to lose and how much you have to gain

    b)This would be most people’s hold up cause you can’t believe it’s true.
    Make sure you give it the three to six weeks to sink in

    I) Don’t give up

    II) Learn and study even if you read only 1 page a day ok

    III)Go back to steps 1 and 2 in humbleness-but never permit yourself to judgement.

    4) Practice – Practice – Practice

    a) Do it-just do it-do it again and never, never, never give up and if you slip,
    then get back up and start again where you left off and you will win.

    5) Re-view your progress well

    a) Don’t fail here-you’ll think this progress report is of little value, but when you get to the two month phase, then you can look back and see your huge leap to being healed-also if you have a setback you will be able to note it here, and get back to the studies and work then in three months or what your time table is you can come back and see the next huge leap. See this report shows you progress and we need progress to grow-right.
    b) at first it will be in litle steps-youll seem to be getting nowhere.but keep track -ever see those pictures on tv in which the photographer takes a pic every day of the year and at the end of the year,the difference is awesome,again,progress-we need progress reports to show how the tms healing really is working-WoW.see we have that setback and we lose ground-no get back up look at that progress report and get back to it-dont give up.some dont fall back, i think most dont-not sure but i did.

    6) Be tenacious
    a) you gotta do this with all your heart everyday-no cheating ok-take a day off once a week - thats it, and never go back to the old pattern of thinking-its only a memory now.feel all the joy and peace you are going to have on that joyous day you get to write your healed story your healed story, its just 100 thoughts achieved away.Smile here.:) please have a progress report-you will thank me later. see you already have all of these elements right here at tms wiki- 1-4 covered.fight back-be feroucious-we can fight back with calmness and peace-complete control.

    7) Take complete responsibility- here , see we cant say i tried the program and it didnt work-all the ones ive heard say that havent gotten their eyes opened or they havent stayed course and really done the program-of course their style but not sarnos style-we have to heal sarnos style -It works!

    We can change anything we want to change ;

    I like to look at certain things as they happened by chance but science says your past consciousness has helped you to create it. Your "now" has its causes and roots in the past.

    Keep this important fact in mind -when you begin to change your thoughts, your new reality will not immediately follow less your at the end of the program or two months in and you’ve done all the steps above patiently and with full tenacity.

    "There will always be a certain time lag during which you will be in a position of developing new thoughts, but still stuck with your old reality.
    This "waiting for it to happen" period is critical, because how you react during this waiting period will either quicken or hinder the new reality you are attempting to create. You may doubt things are changing. You may feel discouraged and wonder if you are wasting your time. Your mind will try to fool you .by telling you that nothing will happen, that this won't work. These thoughts are natural; they happen to us all. Do not pay them any heed; just continue with your exercises, being patient and diligent in your efforts. It helps to re-member that reality is a process, a continuous happening.' -(quote- john kehoe) emphasis mine

    Were always changing for the good or the bad-i choose this day to change for the good-lets get this done-
    bless you
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