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Our walk to freedom

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    See were to do all the journaling so we can learn the repressions-ok repressions are those stresses, worries, issues, etc.... that ya didn’t want to think about they were suppressions then -now that ya think you have forgotten about them their called repressions- we have thousands of suppressions that we turn to repressions every year because we don’t want to think about them, these stay in our mind, bodies and accumulate.

    I call it stacking-it’s like putting one negative charged thought on top of another till we get this one huge negative charged emotion that Dr. sarno called rage.Now I know why it’s called rage! After I understood the outcome to doing this bad habit of the try not thinking about it -issues- I was surprised at what I didn’t know-and how it could really harm me.
    you mean my whole life I’ve been instilling all these negatively charged emotions in my body by ignoring what I didn’t want to think about such as worries and stresses - now they have boiled, overflowed like a volcano-so I have pain here ,there and everywhere
    Well what to do?

    How do I release the emotional charge to the thoughts-most of which you have forgot about.
    Sarno taught us to face our angers, anxieties and don’t fear the pain or anxiety and to think psychological-also ignore the pain.

    I use a lot of methods to discharge a negative charged memory like affirmations that has calming effects and some Joseph Murphy uses in his books and see the facing is the cornerstone. All of these safe ways have helped for a while now.

    This is the very center of what’s happening to our bodies while were in pain for 5-10 ,15-25 yrs
    be active to start and re teach your brain that you’re in control now
    Remember we have to wait till the pain re-sides
    then and only when we understand this do we move forward with our walk to freedom.
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  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow another great post Eric! You have so many great insights into TMS.

    When we repress our emotions, they have to go somewhere and in the case of TMS, they go into our body in the form of pain and other symptoms. I love the idea that our emotions stack up, one on top of the other. Then when they overflow, like a Volcano, we develop TMS symptoms. It is not one specific emotion or event that creates the symptoms, but a combination of so many things. This is why I have felt that it is more important to understand why we feel the need to repress our emotions in this way. Why can't we allow our emotions to be present with us? This is one of the most important questions I think we can ask ourselves.

    You make a great point about finding a positive way to discharge our emotions. It is the key to overcoming TMS. By the way, I'm not all that familar with Joseph Murphy. Is he an author?
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