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Acceptance isnt hard

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    We can see (acceptance) in that we dont have to be a certain way anymore-some traits,bad ones,the ones we developed over the years while we werent paying attention or maybe we was so we could get others to act in ways we perferred can be sources of
    stressors that have turned into triggers that we can accept to change if we need to ,if its part of the cause behind the symptom,

    In an easier way to say this-
    were riding down the rd ,a car pulls out in front of us-our whole life we have
    yelled ,raved,and put a lot of tension into this thought-why would someone be so stupid as to jump out in front of me like that. In reallity its these triggers that we have grown
    accustomed to as well, thats the way we are,but were not really like that if we dont really want to be see -we can change.

    It takes awareness to catch these triggers ,or mindfulness, but when we catch a trait that has been causeing us tremendous stress ,we can change it through (acceptance)

    Its like well ok i can rant and rave all day about this person and really who is the one that winds up hurting over it wether its emotional or physical, its us so we (accept) that we can change this by weighing the options.

    On one hand we can keep on with this pressure and maybe one day have a stroke or we can (accept) that we can change this tactic that weve grown to love or we can (accept) that we can catch ourselves by being aware and decide to change our manners from anger to thanking god that we didnt just get killed
    we can (accept) to take the optimistic view and be at peace-
    see tension is over sensitized nerves along with other things
    so if were going around all uptight all the time then what are we causeing-tension mentally or physically-(its a pain either way)

    so we (accept) to take the higher rd and (accept) that we can change-then we (accept) that change is possible-then change occurs-
    and people start talking like i couldnt have done it without (acceptance)
    -but if ya get it and i think you do -then im glad i could help

    -(i can use acceptance to change almost anyting)

    see i can accept that the situation im in is acceptable for now, but at the same time im accepting that ill be working for a change-

    the thing is what do we need to accept that we have to change and accept that we can do this with peace
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