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Through the law of Habit and Love

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    When I felt at my wits end if I could just get my thinking
    to program on purpose to peaceful thoughts then I knew I could make it happen ( get better)
    I was so sick a few weeks ago I had to have my fiancé take me to the hospital.

    This of course was about the second time to the emergency room since the tick byte.
    Im better now, fully better. But then I couldn't shake that dying feeling.
    It was like I felt I was going to die- then I told my significant other to repeat the words I say.
    As I was going in and out of consciousness, I said peace, then shed say peace.
    id say love then shed say love- id say joy and shed say joy.

    Those three words were the only words I could think of and it was all I needed.
    Plus that extra ingredient, her relationship, she showed she cared and it helped me
    make it through the ride to the ER.

    I was healed a way back, I knew it when the fevers left but the
    tole it took on my nervous system was
    past anything id ever experienced.
    I had peace, love and joy as my survival mantra and God listened-
    I had ninfa as a point of contact, someone that cared and she listened.

    I had to get about a gallon of fluids pumped into me that night.
    They ran every test possible and said I had to have complete calmness around me.

    A lot of family members doesn't know that means that when the person comes
    home after calmness or (Bed Rest) is prescribed that they too need to be calm for you.

    I noticed any little piece of negative thought would get me sick and id lay there
    and meditate im calm, relaxed patient and confident.
    Then a family member would stir up trouble and id begin to feel sick again.
    This was some bad nervousness that had to have time to heal.

    This toxic family member didn't know what time to heal meant
    and he was not calming down. I am no longer affiliated
    with that member of the family any longer.

    He hasn't been near my home in over a week and I feel 100%
    better today.
    After I wrote and said I was healed about two weeks ago
    still meant I had recovery to do. My recovery consisted of antibiotics
    and all that we teach and speak here.
    I had to have those affirmations of peace love and joy repeated to me as
    I was blacking out that dark night at 2 am. I had to have that
    friend that sticks closer than a brother to be by my side ( relationship)
    I told the lord at one time I wasn't ready to go home yet, I think he knew what I was saying

    I had already trained my mind for this battle and he had the perfect
    person that believed in me and with me at that opportune time.
    He also made a way in which that toxic family member would no longer be around.
    -(Hallelujah) This is life, life is beautiful, we have to act with love to a beautiful life.

    We have to have friends that care and we have to know words that build strength
    already programmed into our system.
    If for nothing else but emergencies always know those
    three words peace love and joy and know what they feel like emotionally,
    practice feeling them daily and practice calling loved ones
    just to let them know you care.

    This is a perfect remedy for a bad situation or for a great day.
    Peace love and joy emotionally felt with a relationship that cares mixed with a will to win
    and I don't know of anything more powerful. as a great writer once said
    love is the most powerful force in the universe.
    I've had to use every tool I know and the tools of peace and calmness
    cant be touched.
    I know we feel like this approach might not work at times
    but when the bullet hits the bone and you got to live
    these tools of peace and calmness with relationship saved me, I know
    I practice now more than ever, I really enjoy learning and then going
    back and re-learning.
    You will always see a side of the tool that you have never used before
    We have to first get back used to enjoying life.
    Our ancestors prayed and did mantras with hope all the time
    We weren't brought up to know these skills on an adult education level

    I enjoy life mostly with my fiancé and pets as relationship
    and my reaction watch and meditations as calmness and love.

    That means if I set with Roxy and she's looking at me with eyes of joy,
    then I get eyes of joy- Relationship
    That goes the same for my fiancé, were best friends, need I say anymore.
    -then the calmness and peace which I say is the first line of defense in a life or death situation.

    Have your loved ones around when times of distress is among you.
    Make sure you know these are real friends and not an
    assignment set by the evil forces of life.
    or in other words, a fake friend with intentions to harm or kill
    they don't understand peace, all they see is drama and death.

    We call them pessimistic here in America, pessimism has as much power as love if
    used enough and if optimism if fully disregarded.
    Life and healing is about happiness and no ones happy feeling anyone's hate.

    So remember toxic people are the most dangerous,
    you will lose the will to win.
    If you know them or keep them around stay alert and stay away from them.
    Keep your thoughts on peace and practice healing meditations
    affirmations, faith, and belief.

    Know who's really your true friends, pull them closer.
    if you don't think you have that close friend then make relationship with life.
    The sights and sounds of happiness can and will become a part of you
    when you let it and practice it through the law of habit and love.
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