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The problem is under your nose....

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    When we worry it sets off 1400 hundred chemicals in our body
    now we can harness these for power or go down in defeat, but worry as we know in the western world is really of no value-it’s the concern that can help.
    if we worry about the problem then we enter the law of negativity-what did you think the other side of the law of attraction was.
    then we ponder and think well what if i just think it in my mind
    well were told in a very valuable book what we think in our minds, we should just go ahead and do it- years later with tms we know what that means.
    If we put doun our belief system and suspend thought in time we will heal.

    We will still think wrong thoughts sometimes, and victorious thoughts but about a month after the full tms healing- anger thoughts could be dominant from the tms letting the mind open to what it was protecting you from-all the mental anxiety-facing and floating is good here- remember though those thoughts that put you into the tms state with all its issues and problems -choose to meditate every morning to clear the knags out-then I think who can i help today and I feel better rather quickly.

    The more we hang and don’t do the program, the longer we stall-but at other times the ones that have the big impacts seem to take a bit longer, then they heal.And nothing but good comes from healing -all in all-it was 25 yrs of tms pain, i thank God for the wisdom to learn knowledge in those yrs-and how I have been taught by you all.
    learning not to worry is as important as learning to live
    there are keys pointing to a very important direction we all have to take
    if not-well, we got strokes and heart attacks and I’m at that age
    so choose the latter-learn the full meaning of the key or concept
    when you feel something ain’t right-don’t fathom it-sooth it-then eradicate it.

    The symptoms will always be a sign something that needs to be calmed doun-acted on or soothed out-so let’s get those procrastinations gone and move to that mountain top that you deserve-if that mt top is your healing-then move in that direction with clarity of mind that you trust your gut. Now if that gut is the wrong part of the mechanism at work you’ll know the difference by the studies-by the affirmations.
    The question is does it coincide with me getting better.
    -the problem is usually under your nose.
    if your nervous and you dont know why-still do the affirmations
    answers to trivialities will come when most needed.

    if you do keep doing the same thing with your pain and you dont look for your way to heal-well then we keep getting the same negative answer, pain.

    So go with the new evolution of healing-sarno, steveo, kehoe, shubiner just to name a few-if any questions on more studies just ask.
    I learn to watch my reactions-going back to the way i was and the pain i was in-not a choice, i am my friend now.

    if the answer is staring you in the face when your hurting like i have 14 bills to pay-cross-town traffic and a dental cleaning
    and your not seeing it-ask your friend or someone close to you.
    Its still most important you find these fleas yourself so you can put out the fire over and over and over till soon enough the fire becomes a kindle and burns away.

    when you know what you’re doing the things you’re doing that you have always thought was just common or you didn’t care or for some reason
    just did it, then you start looking at these traits and you see the creases, the ugly truth and so forth-you’ll also see your talents there to-call yourself blessed
    you are learning to catch and reframe these fleas or stressors for a healing. Of course if it’s a talent-we hold on-talents only heal .

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