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From January of 2013 through December of 2014, the PPD/TMS Peer Network, the nonprofit sponsoring this website, hosted a weekly TMS call-in discussion group. Most sessions were recorded, and you can find the recordings from this page. Some members of our community find the recordings helpful for learning about TMS.

The group provided a space where people could deepen their understanding of TMS through discussion with others. The discussions were lively and friendly, often focusing on a book. The sessions were generally facilitated by Forest, the founder of this site, and featured several regular callers, including Eric "Herbie" Watson, BruceMC, njoy (Nena), and several other regulars.

The recordings are below. Since its start in early 2013, the discussion group has covered the following:

The current status of the discussion group is discussed in this thread and this post.


Oscar B. wrote:

For me, a small business owner, husband, and father of two, I find the audio files a huge help in combating my TMS tendencies. From the first listen, I immediately felt connected to the voices of people just like me, who have suffered for years and who have come together to share their experiences. There is something about hearing my TMS brothers and sisters voices. They’ve been there and they understand the difficulties and pain that TMS can bring to family and friends. Unlike reading the forum, the spoken word adds a level of comprehension and closeness that goes unparalleled in other formats. Hearing the caring voice of a TMS facilitator or the struggle of a fellow TMS sufferer is helping to guide me on my own pathway to wellness. They know where I’ve been. They know the fear.
Sometimes working alone you can attain a limited perspective of what needs to be done to improve your condition. Until I heard the conversations such as Alan Gordon’s discussions with his callers or Nicole Sachs recount of her own personal struggles, I thought my journaling was about as deep as I could go. In just a few listens of these audio files, I have discovered that I can open up and take things to a new level, without being scared. I realize that in order to really dig deep and address these emotions, I now have new tools to use in combating my TMS symptoms. These files have helped by giving me a better understanding that there is not only one way to work through these emotions. We all have different experiences and needs so there is not one quick solution to get out of a pain condition. These files give a variety of viewpoints and techniques which will be an asset in my journey. I’m no longer alone.
This is an excerpt from a longer post. Read Oscar's full post here.

MJG wrote:

Thanks to all of you. I have my life back! I'm not 100% pain free! but am able to accept it...One of the biggest things that has helped with my tms is the call in discussion group recordings. As I mentioned in another post I have been stalking these daily for months! I cannot thank all of you enough for the recordings. Forest, Herbie Bruce Becca Walt Njoy North Star , joy , there are new people on the recent recordings. I know I have forgotten someone please do not take it personally. I truly love all of you for you wisdom and help.
This is an excerpt from a longer post. Read MJG's full post here.

Recordings of Past Discussions

For recordings of our webinars and other special events, click here

The Meaning of Truth

July 29, 2014 - October 14, 2014

Author Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW participated in all discussions except for the final discussion on October 14, 2014.

July 29: An Introduction to The Meaning of Truth
August 5: Preface, Chapter One, & Chapter Two
August 12: Chapter Three, Chapter Four, & Chapter Four and ½
August 26: Chapter Five
September 2: Chapter Five and ½ & Chapter Six
September 9: Chapter Six, Continued
September 16: Finishing Chapter Six & Chapter Seven
September 23: Chapter Eight & Chapter Eight and ½
October 7: Chapter Nine, Epilogue, Appendix I, Appendix II
October 14: Concluding Remarks

God Does Not Want You to Be in Pain

April 8, 2014 - July 8, 2014

Authors Eric Watson and Walt Oleksy participated in all discussions.

April 8: Introduction
April 15: Eric's Journey - 1 & Walt's Journey - 1
April 22: Eric's Journey - 2 & Walt's Journey - 2
April 29: Eric's Journey - 3 & Walt's Journey - 3
May 6: Eric's Journey - 4 & Walt's Journey - 4
May 13: Eric's Journey - 5 & Walt's Journey - 5
May 20: Eric's Journey - 6 & Walt's Journey - 6
May 27: Eric's Journey - 7 & Walt's Journey - 7
June 10: Eric's Journey - 8 & Walt's Journey - 8
June 17: Eric's Journey - 9 & Walt's Journey - 9
June 26: Eric's Journey - 10 & Walt's Journey - 10
July 1: TMS P.S.
July 8: TMS P.S., Continued

The Great Pain Deception

August 20, 2013 - March 18, 2014

August 20th: Prologue & Chapter 1
August 27th: Chapter 2 - The Mind's Eyewitness
September 3rd: Chapter 3 - Once Upon My Time... With Steve Ozanich
September 10th: Chapter 4 - Chasing the Changes: A Time for Reflection
September 17th: Chapter 5 - How I Became Pain Free
September 24th: Chapter 6 - Opposition to TMS
October 1st: Chapter 7 - Placebo Yo-Yos and Nocebo No-Nos
October 8th: Chapter 8 - Planting the Seeds, Growing the Pain—Who Is the Gardener?
October 15th: Chapter 9 - What Did You Meme by That?
October 22nd: Chapter 10 - The Symptom Imperative Phenomenon
October 29th: Chapter 11 - Timing of the Onset: Don’t Beware, Be Aware
November 5th: Chapters 12 & 13 - Symbolic Attacks & SteveO, Do I Have TMS?
November 12th: Chapter 14 - What You Need to Understand to Heal With Steve Ozanich
November 19th: Chapter 15 - Conditioning: The First Cut is the Deepest
November 26th: Chapters 16 & 17 - T-Wrecks, The Painful Personali-T & Goodist-itus—Inflammation of the Low Esteem
December 3rd: Chapters 18 & 19 - Major Personality Types & Separation and Rage
December 10th: Chapters 20 & 21 - Neurosis Affectional Needs Gone Haywire & Highly Sensitive People
December 17th: Chapters 22 & 23 - CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Anxiety, Depression, and Metanoia
January 7th: Chapters 24 & 25 - Drugs & Passus (Latin: “having suffered”)
January 14th: Chapter 26 - Holding Onto Anger
January 21st: Chapter 27 - Physician, Heal Thyself
January 7th: Chapters 28 & 29 - Breathe In & Set Goals
February 4th: Chapters 30 & 31 - Visualize! & Communicate
February 11th: Chapters 32 & 33 - Power Therapies & Laugh Dammit!
February 18th: Chapters 34 & 35 - Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy & Repetition
February 25th: Chapters 36 & 37 - Trouble Healers & Is it Gone Yet?
March 11th: Chapters 38 & 39 - Letting Go & TMS Gives Hope
March 18th: Chapter 40 - Beyond TMS

Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program

June 4, 2013 - August 6, 2013

June 4th: An Overview of Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program
June 11th: Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program: The Second Discussion
June 18th: Breaking the Pain Cycle & Outcome Independence
June 25th: Feel Your Feelings
July 2nd: Mindfulness and Meditation
July 9th: Recognizing Destructive Behaviors
July 16th: Identifying Sources of Abuse
July 23rd: Addressing Repression
July 23rd: Identifying Sources of Repression & Standing Up to the Inner Bully
August 6th: Attending to Yourself

Pathways to Pain Relief

February 16, 2013 - June 1, 2013

March 9th: Perfectionism and Goodism
March 16th: All About Anger
March 30th: The Influence of the Past
April 6th: Understanding Our Reactions to Current Stress
April 13th: Ellen's Story
April 20th: Ellen's Story, Continued
April 27th: Sessions with Mrs. R
May 4th: Little Kate's Journey
May 11th: The Legacy of Harsh Parenting
May 18th: Self-Sufficient, Too Early
May 25th: Speaking Up for Myself
June 1st: Wrapping Up Pathways

Past Discussions

See the previous section for direct links to downloadable mp3 recordings of the sessions.

Connection Details

The Call-In Discussion Group uses both a regular online chatroom at as well as an audio call (where the majority of the discussion takes place) for its format. Details on how to connect can be found at

Although the group officially starts at 9:00pm (ET), we encourage people, particularly those connecting on their computer, to start connecting at 8:45pm, and also join the chatroom as well, where someone will be able to provide technical support if necessary before the discussion starts.


If you have ever called into any of these discussions, please take a moment to jot down your feedback using the following form (also available at ). We want to know what you liked, what you didn't like, and how we can make these discussions better. All answers are anonymous.

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