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Call-In Discussion, Tues. June 17

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    This Tuesday (June 17th) the call-in discussion group will be discussing “Eric's Journey - 9” and “Walt's Journey - 9” in God Does Not Want You to Be in Pain by forum members Eric "Herbie" Watson and Walt Oleksy. The recorded discussion will start at 9:00pm Eastern Time. Phone lines will open about half an hour early for folks to talk beforehand (not recorded). Connection details are as follows:
    • If you're connecting by phone, dial 1 201-479-4595 and when prompted enter the pin code 18311499 followed by the pound symbol.
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    In "Miracles in My Life," Eric talks about the various powerful healing experiences he found through faith and community. He then brings it back to the universal TMS themes of belief, acceptance, patience, and of course, faith. He closes by saying that TMS healing can occur with or without the spiritual element, but adds that including it could help.

    Walt's chapter, "The 'End Game,'" tackles the topic of mortality: the stress brought about from worrying about it, and ultimately making peace with it as a part of life. Like many of his other chapters, Walt approaches the subject primarily by journaling about his own feelings around mortality, and how he found acceptance and peace around it. Walt also shares a number of quotes on the subject from famous individuals, including Mozart, Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, Socrates, Groucho Marx, J.K. Rowling, and C.S. Lewis. Walt concludes his chapter with comforting, soothing thoughts around mortality from Billy Graham, who says, "it's going to turn out all right."
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  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I'm looking forward to another great discussion tomorrow night! @Walt Oleksy and @Eric "Herbie" Watson, if you have time, I would really love to hear more about the topics you discussed in your two chapters for this week (some "exclusive author insight" if you will :) )
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  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    It's Walt here, with a few more thoughts on my chapter 9 of GOD DOES NOT WANT YOU TO BE IN PAIN,
    discussing mortality. I will be 84 next week so it is understandable that it would be a subject I think about.

    I've begun to notice when I watch movies and tv shows how often the subject comes up and how people deal with it. Most of the time, it is treated very casual. Certainly in detective shows and westerns. People get bumped off or bite the dust with great regularity and little real thought it given that they are dead.

    I didn't mention it in the chapter, but I saw a great western again last week on tv: RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY (1962) with Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott. McCrea is a good man shot and dying at the end, and he speaks of going into his house justified. He was at peace dying because he felt he had led a good and honorable life. That's what we all should strive for and our life can have been worth living.

    I also recently watched a video about the life of the Australian Olympic gold medal swimmer Murray Rose, a true champion, who accepted his fatal illness calmly. He was expecting to have decades more life ahead of him with his wife and son, but the Lord called him home. He accepted it as part of the cycle... birth, life, death.

    Dr. Sarno says worrying or having repressed emotions about our mortality can be a major cause of TMS physical pain in seniors. I can believe it. I found comfort in the quotations from famous people I wrote in my chapter. A friend knew it was on my mind, so he reminded me that I would be going somewhere much less stressful, and I would have no pain or money worries.

    You can't take it with you, but you can feel justified if you led the best life you could. It doesn't have had to be a life of great wealth or accomplishment. It could just be in how we treated others, how we loved as much as we could, how
    helpful in even small ways we were.

    Acceptance is a big part of TMS healing. It also can be a big part of how to face our mortality.

    I find comfort in the words of Buddha who said, "The secret of health for both the mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."
  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    In Chapter 9 " Miracles in my Life" I start out talking about a loss of peace that so many of us tmsers have, then we hear how were supposed to let this anger out and release it and not hold it in, well when you say that to folks that have been in between anger and kindness for years you usually get folks going around and hurting more cause they sometimes think this means to let our family and friends know what we really think about them and this is not the case. Been there done that and I just set the rest of the day wondering how I went wrong not holding all this anger in. The truth is I hurt more after I released it in the wrong direction onto my niece and fiance that honestly didn't deserve it.
    See this anger we have, this fear we have, this bully we have and the inner critic with the little child or id -- well it's actually us thinking others are the fault for our feelings when in all true honesty you don't hurt because of them, you hurt because you cultivate these feelings and agree with them thus creating fear and anger from your own thoughts. We are the captain of our ships and if we're going to let the anger and fear go so the pain can go then we have to learn how to control these emotions with self control, patience, peace and an understanding.

    I go on to talk about how I was helping my friends and so many more heal from all forms of pain -- from cancer to terrible vision, a prayer and faith with my hands on their body or from afar I was the conduit, the source, to many many miraculous healings but I just couldn't seem to heal myself. See I had lost my faith in believing I could heal, I didn't think I deserved it and that thought, that thought of fear kept me in dire straits for close to a year -- barely even able to tie my shoes. After I learned it was my own self doubts and fear that was holding me back I put my hope and faith back to work for myself this time, affirming my healing and seeing it done now. It wasn't long and I was back to my old self, except this time a better stronger version ready, and on fire to help others know the truth that had been all around me my entire life.

    There is much much more to talk about in this chapter for sure cause it all came from many years of struggle and pain but isn't that what brings the most beautiful teachings we can learn.

    Hope to see you all their guys, it's great knowing the truth is being revealed from heart to heart thus bringing an understanding that will heal us all.

    Bless You
  5. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    Hi folks,

    Here is the audio from Tuesday's discussion. As per usual you can either listen to the recorded discussion in the audio player right here in this thread, or you can download it as an mp3 simply by right-clicking on this link (or the link below the audio player) and choosing to save it to your computer. Enjoy!

    Click here to download the mp3 audio
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  6. Colly

    Colly Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great chat guys well done again! Walt I love your laugh… when you mentioned "The Pessimists club" you cracked me up!

    You discuss whether having TMS is a blessing. Having TMS is a blessing when you finally realise it IS TMS.

    For me, suffering for 24 years was not a blessing, but my TMS healing journey since late 2012 has been a gift. Discovering that I had the power within me to heal myself was such an exciting discovery, after many years feeling physically flawed and hopeless. My TMS discovery was like the clouds parting, and I now have so much hope to reach physical fitness goals I only dreamt of. The TMS healing journey has opened the door to the power of mindfulness in promoting good health and happiness. I am blessed to have discovered TMS because I never would have stumbled on this site and all the wonderful people on it. The journey of self-discovery has been the most enriching, as I discover something new every day about myself, and the learning is an ongoing journey.
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  7. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Love it Colly, I too have found so many new rds I can travel. I Love how you say on going, I have been wanting to drop some weight for a while now. I used to stay around 190. But after I got the tms my weight went to 250 and often 265. When I got here in Texas, I joined planet fitness, worked out 2hrs a day and cut my food intake in half. Now 37 days later after phase 1 I'm back to 190 pounds. I never thought I'd arrive at my goal this quick but clean thinking and practicing healthy living with meditations and deep breathing and good exercise has surpassed my expectations, I defiantly can say while in pain -- it was no fun, but the lessons learned has been enlightening in the least. I would suppose the weight was just another issue to be beat and over come, it's another new discover I add to my journey. Bless you for all your wisdom and love, you have been an awesome friend on this journey. We might have some rds to travel but I honestly believe we can believe and take action and accomplish all we set our minds too, together their is nothing we can't accomplish, bless you.

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