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embrace your truth. create your life.

By Nicole J. Sachs LCSW
Published January 23, 2013

Table of Contents

Preface: WARNING!
Chapter One: A Few Things
Chapter Two: Me
Chapter Three: I See You
Chapter Four: the Truth (part I)
Chapter Four and ½: the Truth (part II)
Chapter Five: The Journey to JournalSpeak
Chapter Five and ½: JournalSpeak
Chapter Six: Examples
Chapter Seven: It's a Process
Chapter Eight: How
Chapter Eight and ½: How-and-a-half, for Liz
Chapter Nine: Patience and Kindness
Epilogue: The Stuff I Forgot to Say
Appendix I: TruthGroup Promise
Appendix II: Landing a (Fab) Therapist
Acknowledgements: Thanking people

About the Author

Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW

Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW is a Sarno therapist practicing in Delaware, and is also a former patient of Dr. Sarno's. Her TMS journey began at age 19 during her freshman year of college, when she developed acute lower back pain that orthopedic surgeons told her required major surgery. Dr. John E. Sarno told her otherwise, diagnosing her with TMS. After successfully completing Dr. Sarno's program, Nicole participated in Dr. Sarno's Alumni Panels. As a psychotherapist, Nicole often received referrals from Dr. Sarno, and still treats many of these clients today. (Source)

Nicole shared her story in a 48 minute interview with Forest in March 2013. Watch the full interview below:

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This book is a frequent topic of discussion on the Peer Network's mindbody syndrome discussion forum. Below are a couple discussion threads about the book.

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Podcasts about The Meaning of Truth, featuring Nicole Sachs

Beginning July 29, 2014 and concluding on October 14, 2014 the Peer Network's weekly podcast discussed The Meaning of Truth, with Nicole Sachs on the line as a co-host. Audio recordings of these podcasts as well as links to official threads containing chapter by chapter discussions of the book are below.

An Introduction to The Meaning of Truth - July 29, 2014
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Preface, Chapter One, Chapter Two - August 5, 2014
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Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Four and ½ - August 12, 2014
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Chapter Five - August 26, 2014
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Chapter Five and ½, Chapter Six - September 2, 2014
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Chapter Six, Continued - September 9, 2014
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Finishing Chapter Six, Chapter Seven - September 16, 2014
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Chapter Eight, Chapter Eight and ½ - September 23, 2014
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Chapter Nine, Epilogue, Appendix I, Appendix II - October 7, 2014
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Concluding Remarks - October 14, 2014
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Reviews from the Peer Network

Mermaid wrote:

I must have read every TMS self-help book available, although I understood the concept and knew what was causing all my pain and anxiety I never had the courage to tackle it head on until I read this book. It's the most honest uplifting book I have ever read, Nicole holds nothing back and teaches us in her own unique way that neither should we. Anyone would benefit from her insights, it's just a better way to live. Customer Reviews

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Amazon customer BoycottPalmOil wrote:

If you have read Dr. John Sarno's mindbody books about TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome) but were still unable to stop your pain or all of your pain then "The Meaning of Truth" is especially for YOU.

Most of us are suffering from or will suffer from this syndrome of painful physical and/or emotional symptoms. Some examples of TMS are back, neck, shoulder, wrist, head, teeth/gum and foot pain. TMS also includes emotional pain like depression and anxiety. TMS can affect any organ or system of the body. The (cause) of TMS pain can be difficult to understand and accept. This is where Nicole Sachs expertise comes in.

She has a great understanding of TMS because she has suffered from it herself and was a patient of Dr. Sarno. She was very successful in stopping her own pain and even worked on Dr. Sarno's panels to help others who were suffering. She realized that some people including herself at one point were still getting stuck in stopping their pain even though they were able to understand and accept the concept of TMS. She discovered why this was happening and decided it was time to write this book.

Her writing style is totally unique and personal. And her use of "colorful" words and humor is fresh and new. I was immediately drawn in and so curious about what she was leading me to. And she didn't disappoint me when I arrived or I should say when WE arrived because it felt like she was holding my hand the whole way! Wow, her brutal self honesty is shocking and brave but also inspiring and reassuring because by example she proves that such TRUTH is healing and creates hope for us all to finally be free from our pain. She makes it easy for us to find our own brutal truth with her method she calls "Journalspeak". This method of journaling is like being your own therapist which is fascinating.

Buy this book and have your highlighter marker ready and also something to write notes on and then start absorbing every word because this is your opportunity to make big and good changes in your life!

Amazon customer David C. Thurston wrote:

I don't ever recall writing a fan letter to an author after just finishing a book they had written, but I did just that after reading Nicole Sachs' "The Meaning of Truth". I have read scores of "self-help" (God, do I hate that term) books and most of them are either redundant, superfluous, padded or pontifical, but Nichole's ( I feel comfortable calling her that) is the real deal. The knock on most therapists is their reluctance to divulge anything about themselves, but this author lays her life bare to show you she is human and truly feels your pain, literally and figuratively. When you close the back cover, you feel as if you genuinely know her and can almost hear her voice in your head, cuss words and all.

Ms. Sachs (I'll get more formal here) is a disciple of John Sarno, the noted mindbody guru who has cured everyone from Anne Bancroft to Howard Stern (who dedicated his autobiography to the good doc). Several years ago, I was afflicted with lower back pain that was so bad I sometimes went to a chiropractor twice a day for relief. A co-worker's fiancee who was an MD suggested I read Sarno's book "Healing Back Pain". I laughed and said no book (including the bible) could help me as I had done everything short of surgery to control my pain. Lo and behold, upon finishing the book my pain immediately went away. I mean completely.

Fast forward to today and I have had a litany of other conditions for quite some time that have prevented me from playing golf and tennis, both passions of mine. So I turned to Dr. Sarno's last book for some guidance and along the way came across Nicole's book which is written in a conversational style that makes you feel she was in the room with you. Her intelligence, wit and sincerity jump out of the pages at you, changing my way of thinking about therapy. She really cares. Damn!

If you have pain or other unexplained maladies, buy her book and find out how the truth can indeed, set you free. You'll laugh and you'll cry, but believe me, you will never forget her.

Buying The Meaning of Truth

The Meaning of Truth is currently available for purchase at in paperback format and Kindle format. It is also available through Barnes & Noble as a NOOK e-book.

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