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Include a wikilink to each page that is added to these lists.

Pages That Need Fixing/Dead Links - instructions and to-do list

Education Program Pages that need fixing - instructions and list

Q&A Pages that need fixing - Instructions and list

Symptom Pages that need Fixing

There is a new Template for the Symptom and Diagnosis Pages, that gets applied to the whole for the whole page. Instructions, a list, and a video on how to use the Template can be found at Pages That Need Fixing/Symptoms.

Pages that need italics in the titles

Unlike in Wetpaint, we can also italicize the displayed version of page titles now. There is a learning curve with this, so if someone wants to add italics to the displayed version of a page, the best thing to do would be to write a little note below.

In terms of how it's done, the technique is demonstrated in the page on Marc Sopher's book, To Be Or Not To Be... Pain Free. As you can see, the title is italicized. To do this, you just add the following to the wikitext of the page: {{DISPLAYTITLE:''To Be Or Not To Be... Pain Free''}} (note that those are pairs of apostrophes before and after the book name, not double quotes). Recall that two apostrophes means to format something as italics, so this just tells Mediawiki that when it displays the title, it should display it in italics. For other books, you can do exactly the same thing, just adding {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Name of Page''}} somewhere in the page's wikitext. If only part of the page's title needs to be italicized, simply put the double apostrophes around the portion that should be italicized.

Note that there are limitations in DISPLAYTITLE, in that it can only be used to change capitalization and formatting like bold and italics--the actual words that are displayed must be the same as the actual title of the page. Some technical details can be found in Wikipedia's documentation, here.

Pages that need their titles to be italicized.
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The top 150 popular pages

Use the {{GreenCheck}} template when a page is completely done!
The following are the 150 most visited pages on the wiki (out of 680), listed roughly from most read to least, but with several pages that require special skills moved to the bottom for special attention. Most of them came over well, but some of them have errors that need to be fixed.

Please use a {{GreenCheck}} in front, and enter "DONE" and your username next to the page name.

11/25/11: Jan re-sorted the list so that pages still needing work are listed first, and Green-Checked pages are listed alphabetically to make it easier to find a page you've done but might want to check again.

The following pages require advanced skills and are only appropriate for Wikitext ninjas:

The rest of the unfinished pages are either technical, or need links to pages not yet designed for the new site:

But look how many are A green check markDONE!

Pages that need hand tuning

(Skip this section - this is for the top techies!)
A green check mark * DONE - (videos all inserted from below, Jan
A green check mark * DONE - Forest & Jan (see page below)
A green check mark *table of contents Done Forest

Pages with videos

(See "Advanced Editing" on "How To Clean Up Pages")
For a step by step process on how to add a video check out the instructional video

If you're in Edit mode, include only the wikimarkup code for the video inclusion that is between nowiki tags. For example: <nowiki> {{YouTube|ID=PLtPiOVVJ-U}} </nowiki> but do NOT include the nowiki tags themselves! You can't see the nowiki tags unless you're in Edit mode.