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by Scott Brady

Published 2006, Hachette Book Group

Available at


In Pain Free for Life Dr. Brady outlines the treatment methods he has used to cure people of chronic back pain and other chronic illnesses. The treatment method takes 6-weeks and focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. The book discuss how AOS (or TMS) is caused and what type of people are prone to the illness. Brady explains that a patient needs to gain an understanding of their emotions in order to be cured. Also, in the book is a unique chapter about spirituality and how it affect AOS and a person's overall health. The second half of the book discusses specific treatment techniques including "depth journaling" and "pain talk." There are patient testimonies throughout the book that demonstrate the success people have had with Dr. Brady's methods.

Part One: Understanding Your Pain

  • Chapter 1: The Hope of a Pain-Free Life
  • Chapter 2: My Personal Chronicle of Pain
  • Chapter 3: The AOS Pain Catalog
  • Chapter 4: What's Really Causing Your Pain?
  • Chapter 5: Understanding Your Pain-Prone Personality
  • Chapter 6: The Spiritual Health Inventory for Pain
  • Chapter 7: The Roots of MInd-Body-Spirit Medicine

Part Two: The Pain-Free for Life Program

  • Chapter 8: The 6-Week Pain-Free for Life Treatment Program
  • Chapter 9: Depth Journaling
  • Chapter 10: Pain Talk
  • Chapter 11: The Seven Crutches of Pain-Prone People
  • Chapter 12: Dr. Brady Field Your Question
  • Conclusion: From Pain to Wholeness

Spirituality and AOS

The chapter on spirituality is a unique approach and something that has raised a lot of question on TMS discussion boards. Brady categorizes spirituality into two categories: Intrinsic Spirituality and Extrinsic Spirituality. While many other books address mindfulness, which could be compared to spirituality, Brady is the only author to provide an in depth account of spirituality and TMS. Brady does not formally address organized religion, or even a specific faith or believe system. His chapter simply discusses the positive effect spirituality can have on a person's overall health. The wiki has developed a page outlining and discussing Brady's approach. It can be found on the Scott Brady and Spirituality page. There is also a TMS and Religious Faith page that may be of interest to some people.

A member of the TMS wiki, BrianLeeJackson, has read Pain Free for Life and wrote the following in a forum post.

In my opinion, it (Pain Free for Life) is much better than Sarno's. Of course, he is just using sarno's method, but makes it easier to understand without all the technical jargon and I love how he includes spirituality, because I know for one thing that without my faith I would have given up hope long before even finding TMS. Ironically he is the same religion as I am, a Seventh-day Adventist, which I thought was cool. But like Peg says, he doesn't focus it on an organized religion but simply spirituality in general. This book is helping me so much more. He lays out what to do every night for 30 minutes and I really connected with some of the testimonials in his book. I highly recommend this read for everyone, even if you aren't religious. Customer Reviews

An Amazon Customer said:

I began this book after having 2 MRI's this year with a degenerative disc diagnosis and a lovely treatment plan of multiple drugs and months of physical therapy!! Instead I opted to buy this book first. After finishing the 6 weeks, my life has gone from being consumed with back pain to, as the author says "not even thinking about it"!!! It has truly been life changing-and it's not just for back pain.

About Scott Brady

Dr. Brady is the founder and Director of the Brady Institute for Health at Florida Hospital in Celebration, Florida. Dr. Brady has practiced Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine throughout Central Florida for over fifteen years and is board certified in Internal Medicine. He is the Administrator and Senior Medical Director of Florida Hospital's sixteen Centra Care urgent care clinics. (Source)

With William Proctor, he has written a book entitled Pain Free for Life. In it, Dr. Brady describes how he overcame his own pain:

A life-changing suggestion came from an unlikely medical source--my mother--who called one night while I was lying on the sofa nursing my bad back.

"Turn on your TV!" she said. "John Stossel is interviewing Dr. John Sarno,who says he can cure back pain like yours." [The Stossel interview of Dr. Sarno can be viewed for free here.]

I wasn't optimistic ... But the more he talked, the more I listened--and the more intrigued I became.

Following the show, I remembered that a friend had given me one of Sarno's books, and after a little rummaging around, I managed to find it. ... His ideas set me on a journey of healing that eventually cured my pain, and led me to where I am today. (p. 33)

On page 36 he continues on to describe how he decided to break with his colleagues and visit Dr. Sarno at the Rusk institute. There, he listened to Dr. Sarno "deliver a number of lectures" and observed "him as he saw patients for several days."

Dr. Brady refers to TMS as Autonomic Overload Syndrome (AOS), but the explanation that he gives for AOS is fundamentally the same explanation that Dr. Sarno gives for TMS. He is not longer accepting new patients.

You can view an interview with Dr. Brady on Good Morning Atlanta in which he outlines the concept of AOS. (Video Link)

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