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The TMS Wiki's Structured Educational Program

The TMS Wiki has a free Structured Educational Program, developed entirely by people who have recovered from TMS. Based on the techniques other peers used to heal, this six-week program combines educational activities with journaling and has built-in peer support using the Structured Educational Program subforum. Click here to go to the program.

Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program

The TMS Wiki hosts a free TMS Recovery Program, developed by TMS therapist Alan Gordon, LCSW. Focusing on self-compassion, this multimedia recovery program adds clips of recorded sessions between Alan and individual TMSers into the written content. Click here to go to the program.

Dr. David Schechter's TMS Recovery Program

Dr. David Schechter has a structured TMS recovery program that he has created for his own patients. It consists of a workbook, 3 CDs, and a DVD. The workbook guides you through a 30 day program of journaling, generally asking you four questions per day that you are to meditate on. It can be purchased from Amazon for $18. He also has an iphone app as well.

Dr. Howard Schubiner's Online Mind Body Program

Dr. Howard Schubiner has a well regarded four-week program that he runs through his website. More details are available here.

SIRPA Recovery Program

Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, physiotherapist and founder of SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner's Association) in the United Kingdom, developed a five-week online recovery program that, among other things, includes an eight chapter online manual, interactive worksheets, and access to a discussion forum to interact with other SIRPA participants as well as with Georgie. More details are available here

Jim Campobello's Therapeutic Program for Overcoming TMS

In The Mindbody Prescription, Dr. John Sarno reprinted a letter and a program that he had received from Jim Campobello, who had overcome back pain using Sarno's previous book. Jim has given us permission to reprint both the letter and an updated version of the program. You can read them here.

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