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Below is a list of pages from the Structured Educational Program. The ones without the green check still need to have the Journal and Question to Ponder template added to them.

To add the journal lines use the template JournalingBox . You can adjust the number of lines in each journal box. To add the Question to Ponder lines use the template QuestionToPonderBox . You will need to delete the code on each page that is already there. This looks something like

{|width="100%" cellpadding="6" border="1"

How to Add Template

  1. open page
  2. Add the JournalingBox Template. The code you use for this looks like
| Prompt =
| NumLines = 
  1. Add the QuestionToPonderBox Template. The code you use for this looks like
| Prompt =
| NumLines = 
  • Prompt: This is all of the text under the Journal Activity section. Make sure you include the more specific prompt such at "When I was _________ years old __________________________________ event/experience happened. I FEEL this way about it:"
  • NumLines: This is the number lines you want to have in the section. Feel free to make some sections longer or shorter depending on the question. Remember these are designed for people to print out the form and actually write in these spaces. In general the Question to Ponder Lines should be shorter than the journaling lines.
  • Lastly make sure you end each section with double brackets.

You can also watch this video at

List of Program Pages