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An image of Practitoner Peter Zafirides
Practitoner Peter Zafirides
Starting on September 14, 2010, TMS practitioner Dr. Peter Zafirides began broadcasting a local radio program called The Healthy Mind. The show is based in Columbus, Ohio. The Healthy Mind focuses on emotional & physical health, wellness, personal empowerment and news. New episodes of the show are not currently being produced as of early 2015.

Some users have reported not being able to access the web site for the show. As a result, links on this page to that site may not work and may lead you to an error page. Dr. Zafirides reports that he is working on the problem. If you find a dead link we recommend that you come back later.

Podcast Episodes

Contacting the show

Dr. Zafirides can be reached at He has mentioned several times that he is interested in receiving feedback about the show and providing follow up information (such as links to sites mentioned during the show) through this email account. Even better, Dr. Zafirides is an active member of this wiki and will be notified of any posts made at the bottom of the page, so that is an even easier way to contact him.

Interview with Dr. Howard Schubiner

In February of 2012, Dr. Zafirides interviewed PPD practitioner, Howard Schubiner. In the interview Dr. Schubiner discussed how he became interested in the PPD approach and how he developed his own treatment approach. The interview can be listened to on the Healthy Mind website.

Archive of Previous Shows

The wiki has permission to archive previous episodes of The Healthy Mind Radio Show. Episodes will be added periodically.

These broadcast are also available by download through the following links:

About Peter Zafirides

Dr. Peter Zafirides is a psychiatrist in Columbus, Ohio. He is President and Co-Founder of Central Ohio Behavioral Medicine (COBM). Established in 1997, COBM is a premier behavioral healthcare practice with a multidisciplinary staff of MD, NP, RN, PhD, LISW, and LPCC clinicians. Dr Zafirides is also Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry at Ohio State University. Dr. Zafirides' specific interest is in the psychiatric aspects of chronic pain management. He been published in this area of Psychiatry. Dr. Zafirides continues to be an active speaker on Psychiatric Aspects of Chronic Pain, speaking both nationally and internationally on this subject. Dr. Zafirides has incorporated core TMS principles along with his orientation in existential psychotherapy as part of his psychiatric practice for the last 10 years. Several years ago, Dr Zafirides was fortunate enough to have spent time in New York personally learning from Dr. Sarno.

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