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  1. 20/20 Network TV Program on Dr. Sarno There is no better way to learn about TMS and to see Dr. Sarno's treatment program work miracles than to watch this 15 minute segment from 20/20. Dr. Sarno cured one of the 20/20 reporters years before this program aired. In it, they follow three or four back pain sufferers, including one who has such pain that she moves about on a scooter rather than walking. By the end of the program, after treatement by Dr. Sarno, she is shown running (the other pain sufferers that they followed all improved, as well). 20 files were also pulled at random from Dr. Sarno's records, were called by a reporter, and all reported that they were better or much better after going through his program.
  2. Ah, My Aching Back. New York Magazine. Tony Schwartz wrote this article in March 1987, and it discusses how he was cured of chronic back pain. Schwartz received a large amount of personal stories from people saying that Dr. John Sarno cured their back-pain, after he wrote a previous article in which he discussed living in chronic pain. Schwartz, while doubtful of its success, describes his decision to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sarno and give his treatment a try. The article outlines the treatment methods of Dr. Sarno through the personal narrative of Schwartz. Also, Schwartz gives a detailed and informative history of Dr. Sarno that explains his medical career and how he discovered the mind-body solution.
  3. Back Pain and Tension Myositis Syndorme. St. John Providence Health System. Kim Ruby, a yoga instructor and medical student at USC, wrote an article for this leading Michigan health care provider. The article provides a condensed explanation of how TMS works and how to cure it.
  4. “Cure for Back Pain in Your Brain” WCVB Boston. In this news broadcast TMSWiki member Peg is interviewed, and she discusses TMS and her battle in overcoming the condition.
  5. Miracles of Mindbody Medicine. Healthcare Counseling and Psychotherapy Journal. In early 2010 Alan Gordon, a psychotherapist in California, wrote an article for HCPJ entitled Miracles of Mindbody Medicine. Gordon begins by outlining the enormity of chronic pain patients and the affects it has on the United States. He states that over $100 billion dollars is spent a year on chronic pain treatment. Gordon goes on to cover the rise of the Dr. John Sarno and the mind-body connection, as well as discussing how stress and suppressed emotions can cause physical pain. The article also discusses TMS treatment methods and how they are received by patients. Gordon points out that it is easy for patients to initially reject the diagnosis, and he discusses the importance of the practitioner to help patients understand and eventually accept the mind-body approach. Gordon concludes the article by projecting what the future holds for TMS. He writes of the value TMS conferences have on advocacy, awareness, and research on the field, as well as suggests that the growing embrace of mind-body medicine will lead to the eventual incorporation of the TMS approach into mainstream medicine. The article includes supportive perspectives by Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, and Audrey Berdeski, DC, LLPC.
  6. Treating Chronic Pain-an Interview with Frances Anderson. Where the Client Is. In early February 2010 Will Baum interviewed psychoanalyst and chronic pain expert Frances Sommer Anderson for the blogzine Where the Client Is. In the interview Anderson describes how she became involved with TMS and what is was like working alongside Dr. John Sarno. Anderson began her career working at the New York University-Rusk Institute where she first met Sarno and learned about the mind-body approach. In the interview Anderson offers an in depth look at the therapist/physician relationship when treating a client with TMS. Anderson believes it is a necessity for therapists and physicians to work closely together to successfully treat TMS patients. The article goes into detail about how Anderson treats TMS patients and the different psychiatric approaches used in helping patients. Instead of simply describing symptoms of TMS, this article offers a glimpse into the psychiatric practice of treating TMS by one of the leading therapists in the field. This has rarely been seen in TMS media coverage and it gives new look at TMS and how it is treated within the field of psychiatry.
  7. Surrender. Monte Hueftle. This is one of long series of updates written by Monte Hueftle. Here Monte encourages the reader to take charge of their treatment, and focus on the work that will help them heal.
  8. Rachel's RSI Homage to Dr. Sarno Rachel's compelling personal account of her struggle with pain that was diagnosed as RSI, her discovery of Dr. John Sarno and his book The Mindbody Prescription and her subsequent recovery.
  9. Back Pain. Best Life Magazine. Jonah Lehrer is a contributing editor at Wired. He's also written for The New Yorker, Seed, Nature, and the New York Times. In this article he gives an account of some of the science behind the theory, and includes an interview with Dr Marc Sopher on TMS.
  10. Mind over Matter. Runner's World. In this article the author, Mark Bloom, explains how he experienced debilitating back pain in 1994. After exhausting traditional methods of back pain treatments with no relief to his ailment, he stumbled upon Dr. Sarno's book, Healing Back Pain. Over the course of a few months, he was able to resume his running activities completely pain free. In this short article, he explains at a high-level how pain can be emotionally induced rather than physiologically based. He quotes a couple of doctors and a sports psychologist who provide some supporting information. Lastly, he writes about some of the proven strategies to overcome the pain such as journaling, distraction, and using mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques.
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