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Monte Hueftle has been kind enough to let us post some of his updates. We will be posting one per week. In his earliest update Monte Hueftle discusses ways in which people can begin to “think clean.” The update, entitled “Three Strategies for Thinking Clean,” offers three steps to help people develop new strategies for “thinking clean.” Monte suggests that positive thinking can have positive impacts on our daily lives and help people overcome TMS pain. After reading Monte's update I began to wonder if other people have found success in positive thinking. Also, I am interested in how other people practice “thinking clean.” When you are in pain, what strategies do you use to focus your mind on positive thoughts? Monte suggests that focusing on our pain or treatment can prevent us from overcoming TMS. Do you agree with this, and how do you redirect your thoughts from your treatment and pain? Lastly, this update reminds me, in part, to Shad Helmstetter's book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself. Has anyone else read that book, and what connections can you make between it and Monte's latest update? And lastly, does deliberately trying to think positively prevent us from recognizing our suppressed emotions, which are the cause of TMS, and actually prevent us from overcoming TMS? ... or is it possible to do both at the same time?

Monte Hueftle Update – February 18

Hello Everyone;

Your Body Is An Extension of Your Thoughts. This is Truth.

What you think and feel and what you get back are always a match. And so, if you want to get something different, you somehow have to generate different feelings. And you do that with different thoughts.

Most people do not realize the power of their own thoughts. They have no idea that as they complain, judge, control, perfect, strive, worry, pleaseand be overly self-conscious, that they are pinching off their physical well-being. These behaviors and their associated thoughts are closed-off and non-allowing. What you receive in return is a body that is pinched-off, closed, tight and not allowing free movement.

Simply reading these words, even when they are truth doesn't bring you understanding. But the combination of this truth within your daily life experiences, as you put this truth into a real life practice, does bring you the understanding that transforms or reverses this pain disorder.

With this understanding you now want a practice orstrategy that will help you guide your thoughts to be more open and allowing. We know that when we are focusing on pain, on treatments, or on the struggle of ending this pain strategy we are keeping it very alive and active in our life.

Think Clean Strategies that help you redirect into better feeling thoughts.

1. Wouldn't it be nice if...

When you find yourself in worry or you are in a complaining mode --catch yourself and begin to redirect out of these patterns with - Wouldn't it be nice if I had this all figured out or Wouldn't it be nice if my body was open and free. This is a powerful strategy because it begins to lessen resistance and let in the things or feelings that you want.

2. What if right now I did feel...

When you are looking for a positive direction to move into or something to make you feel better and you need a way to pivot intothis new pattern try--What if right now I did feel healthy and vital then what would I be doing, what would I be thinking...Look for things that you want to see and look for things that make you feel better.

3. I want you to know how I feel right now--I feel...

If you find yourself holding in certain feelings and are having challenges with expressing your feelings you must challenge your repressing pattern of holding stuff inside. If you are alone you can always journal - I want you to know how I feel right now, I feel...and now let it out. Even more powerful and transformational is using this strategy inside your relationships. If you commonly decide not to disrupt things andkeep your feelings inside, state the followingto the person you are with-- I want you to know how what you just said or what you just did is making me feel, I feel...and now express how you feel.

These strategies are simple to understand and to not let this simplicity allow you to underestimate their transformational power. When you consistently practice these strategies in your real life situations you will experience the leverage of having your thoughts and feelings aligned in more open and allowing patterns. Try not to make this about getting the perfect result. Make this a practice of recognizing how you feel and then deliberately redirecting into improved thoughts and feelings. Let that be your success.

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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