What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

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By Shad Helmstetter
First Published in January 1987 by Simon & Schuster Publishing


Talking to yourself is something that everyone does almost all the time. Helmstetter examines how what we say to ourselves affects who we are as people. Specifically, Helmstetter argues that negative thoughts have a negative impact on our bodies. The author uses techniques based on an understanding of the processes of the human brain. The book puts forward a way to think positively about yourself in hopes that this will improve all areas of your life. Helmstetter uses personal experiences and anecdotes to explain the value of positive thinking and how it can impact a person's everyday life. Many of Helmstetter's self talk techniques are described on the Affirmations page.

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Amazon.com Customer Review

An Amazon Customer said:

I work as a therapist in the mental health field and regularly read Self-Help books for myself and to incorporate into treatment programs. Many of these books have interesting theories which don't work or are too tedious to use with individuals seeking quick solutions to problems. This book teaches us that we literally become what we think and tell ourselves. Other books have touched on this concept in the past, but this book teaches us quick and easy methods to stop unwanted thinking/behavior patterns - to "erase and replace" our negative thoughts with ones which will build our success

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Shad Helmstetter is the author of thirteen books including:

  • The Gift, Published 2005
  • Who Are You Really, and What do You Want, Published 2003
  • The Lifetime Libarary of Positive Self-Talk-8 audio CD Set (Life Coach Institute), Published 2002
  • American Victory: The Real Story of Today's Amway, Published 1997
  • Self-Talk for Weight Loss: Loose Weight, Keep if Off, and Never Diet Again, Published 1996
  • Choices: Discover Your 100 Most Important Life Choices, Published 1992
  • The Self-Talk Solution, Published 1990
  • Predictive Parenting: What to Say When you Talk to Your Kids, Published 1990


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