TMS and religious faith

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Dr. Scott Brady has a chapter about TMS and spirituality in his book Pain Free for Life. Check out the Scott Brady and Spirituality page to learn more about this approach.

Eric Watson and Walt Oleksy wrote the book God Does Not Want You to Be in Pain detailing their twin journeys in overcoming TMS (chronic back pain) and the role God and faith played in their recoveries.

Winnieboo wrote, "My religious faith has played a big part in my TMS recovery. Follow this link to an interesting TIME Magazine article on "How Faith Can Heal," which is a part of the TIME "Mind & Body Special Issue" for February 23, 2009.

Biblical Medical Ethics - A Christian Doctor's perspective on TMS

Website of Linda Haught taught fitness and exercise classes at Bob Jones University for 32 years and was healed of back pain. She has written a book called "Relief from Chronic Pain" about her experience and you can read her testimony

Flutterby noted that David Ord from Namaste Publishing writes a daily blog on many of the same themes as Eckhart Tolle and the Presence Process but from a slightly more Christian point of view. She also found a 10 page essay that compares Buddhist and Christian mindfulness and a website with lots of information about Christian meditation, with some useful practical advice.

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