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As a person delves into their past and present stresses they may begin to uncover things that trigger strong emotions. In some cases these emotions will be difficult to handle because they have been repressed for so long. As you go through this program, if there are any issues or emotions that you find extremely unpleasant or difficult to handle, it would be beneficial for you to visit a therapist. Therapy can go hand in hand with TMS treatment, and help a person uncover and handle repressed emotions. For information on TMS practitioners, visit Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist. The people who wrote this program are individuals who have recovered from TMS. There are no doctors or therapists on the program development team, however extensive research was done in TMS treatment and journaling.

Self Care Day: Everybody needs a day off. Today there are no activities planned for you to do. Today is your day off from TMS. You do not have to read or journal. To understand the importance of taking a day off, you may want to watch the video blog below which asks the question, "Is it possible to work to hard at treating TMS?" However, the main focus today needs to be on you taking care of yourself. If you want to save this video for tomorrow, it can wait a day (or more!). The video will appear again later in the program. Take this time to do something that you want to do. Go for a walk, garden, or any other activity/hobby you enjoy. Feel free to be with family and friends, but only if you do what you want to do. Try to avoid people and places that trigger your symptoms. Lastly, remember to relax, have fun, and forget about having TMS! If you'd like to learn more about the importance of regular self care, feel free to look ahead to Day 37.

Video Blog: Is it possible to work too hard at treating TMS: Please visit the video on the forum thread here: Can you work too hard at overcoming TMS?

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