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TMS/PPD is caused by the repression of emotions resulting from current stress and past events. While at this point you already understand this, continue to remind yourself of this every day. When you experience pain or have flare-ups think of them as a sign to investigate your emotions. Try to develop ways to do this, such creating a list of questions to ask yourself like: What is going on in my life right now, What future events may I be worrying about, Is there any thing that I'm holding in, etc. By doing this you will be able to investigate your emotions and learn how to use your pain as a signal to take stock of your emotions.

Educational Activity: A common question that is asked by TMSers is why would my body create this pain. This is a difficult question to answer because the TMS/PPD process is complex and is caused by a multitude of factors. In an article by Will Baum, entitled Dealing with Chronic Pain, the caused and psychological nature of TMS/PPD is addressed through an interview with therapist Alan Gordon. One aspect of the interview examines how certain personality traits can lead to the repression of emotions and the onset of pain. Gordon also goes into detail on the ways in which people can overcome the disorder by gaining insight into their emotions. To access the article click this link.

Everyday we encounter new challenges and stresses that can feed the pain cycle. Therefore is paramount that you continue to examine the stresses in your life. Today journal on one issue that is affecting your life, whether you think its important or not. As you journal about the current stress, think of ways you can handle the stress in a healthy manner. This can be either expressing your thoughts or concerns to people, i.e. telling your boss you are going beyond your job duties, or developing a list of affirmations you can say to help you through the situations. As before place the topic you wish to journal about in the blank and free write.

When _____________________________________ happens I feel ________________________________________

Question To Ponder
Do you think you are avoiding any part of this treatment? What emotions or past events do you think you may be repressing?

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