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Today you will begin the last third of this educational program (out of a total of 42 days when totally developed). Congratulate yourself for making it this far and committing to this approach. It takes great courage to commit to the TMS approach and take charge of your recovery. At this point, you may be thinking you should be making more progress. You have heard about people having book cures, but you are still struggling. It is easy to ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? But this just your unconscious trying to throw you off track. Recovering from TMS is about overcoming our case of the "shoulds." Don't worry about where you are in your recovery. You are in the right spot, and will get there in your own time. Remember recovery is about gaining Outcome Independence. If you continue to think psychologically about your symptoms, you are not going to worry about the progress you have made. You will be too busy living your life.

Educational Activity: One aspect of TMS/PPD addresses where a person's focus is. The PPD personality traits (perfectionist and goodist) usually lead to people either focusing on past events and mistakes, or stressing about the future and what they have to do to be perfect. In today's educational reading Monte Hueftle discusses the need to focus on the present and provides some suggestions on how to do this. The article is called Focus on the Present and can be access by following this link.

If you are interested in additional techniques for focusing on the present moment, a mindfulness meditation exercise is provided in the TMS Recovery Program.

Personality traits have major implications on the manifestation of symptoms and the recovery time in overcoming these symptoms. Gaining insight and understanding of the traits a person has and how they manifest themselves in PPD symptoms is key to recovering. For today's journal activity take a few minutes to dialogue with one of your personality traits. Enter into a dialogue with your self on why and how you have specific traits.

Dear __________________________ You Make me feel_________________________________

Question To Ponder
Is there anyone in your life you feel wronged by? Write an Unsent Letter to this person, expressing your emotions, and then let the emotions pass away. If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in our Structured Program forum. We would love to hear from you.

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