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As you go through this program, try to connect the dots between your symptoms and the triggers of these symptoms. Understanding this connection is key to overcoming TMS.

Educational Activity: A question that comes up a lot among people with TMS is whether TMS runs in families and if it is contagious. This issue is addressed in one of Dr. Howard Schubiner's blog posts, where he suggests that while TMS is not a genetic disease, it seems TMS symptoms can be contagious. Our unconscious mind will generate symptoms that we will assume are physical, even though they are just TMS. The article is on the page Genetics and Mind Body Syndrome

Q & A with an Expert: A very common question asked by people with TMS/PPD is How do I know that it's safe to resume normal physical activities. This question was answered by Dr. Howard Schubiner for the wiki's Q&A with an Expert program. To access it check out the page Q&A: How do I know that it's safe to resume normal activities?.

For the past few days you have been investigating how your current stress affects your chronic symptoms. It is still important to understand how past events have also triggered your TMS. Today you will do a free write on an item in your past events list. If you have completed this list, then feel free to journal about one of the topics again or choose a different list to journal from. It is important to go back to how you felt at the time of this event and write from that perspective (as opposed to how you view it now).

When I was _________ years old __________________________________ event/experience happened. I FEEL this way about it:

Question To Ponder
Take a look at your journal entries. What emotions are most prevalent? If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in our Structured Program forum. We would love to hear from you.

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