Educational Program Day 14

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You are coming to the close of the second week of the program, and hopefully you've begun to gain insight into the causes of your chronic symptoms. Begin to take the steps needed to no longer be afraid of your symptoms, but to instead see them as a sign that you need to examine your emotional state. Remember that you have the power to heal yourself and overcome TMS.

Self-Care Day: If you have not done so this week, take a self-care day today. If you'd like to learn more about the importance of regular self care, feel free to look ahead to Day 37.

You do not need to worry about your TMS treatment today, or think about what to journal. Today is about doing what you want to do. Briefly think about what you did for last week's self care day. Did you enjoy it? Did it help you relax? If yes, feel free to do the same thing you did last week again. If not, try to think of something else to do that you really enjoy. Remember this day is all about you, so enjoy it.

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