Educational Program Day 30

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Educational Activity: By now you will have noticed how our emotions can affect our physical state. This understanding is key to developing the skills to recover from TMS/PPD. Psychiatrist Peter Zafirides wrote an article called The Monkey Trap, by Peter Zafirides, MD, which investigates the role emotions play in our lives and how we can use this knowledge to recover from chronic pain.

Journal Activity: An effective way to make quick connections about how your personality affects your physical symptoms is to spider write. By using word association, spider writing allows you to gain insight into the emotional causes of your symptoms. For today's exercise write one of your personality traits in the middle of a piece of paper and begin to spider/cluster write. (You can review this technique at the topic Cluster/Spider Writing on the page How do I journal?.) While there is no specific time limit, 10 minutes should be plenty of time.

Question To Ponder
What are the most important relationships in your life? How has this program affected those relationships?

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