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Educational Activity: Our thoughts play a huge role in overcoming TMS. If you think about your pain and worry about whether you are getting better, then you will continue to feed the pain cycle. It is important to learn how to investigate your thoughts and understand how they are contributing to chronic symptoms. Today's educational reading is by TMS coach Monte Hueftle. This reading gives several suggestions and tips on how to investigate your emotions and learn to move past thoughts that feed the pain cycle. To access the reading follow this link.

Advice for People Just Starting Out

By Armchair Linguist

I think most of us have had to overcome our tendency of judging ourselves. I have made some progress by just trying it persistently. Say to yourself words like "It's okay to feel this way". Try to listen with your inner child's perspective to get a response. Sometimes the response can be quite strong. You might feel sad, relieved, cry. People so rarely say these things to us. You might still disbelieve yourself at first, so your reaction would be skeptical. That's okay, just say "I know you don't believe me yet but it's really okay." Try to keep saying it. Or pretend you are a good friend of yours and comfort you. Gradually by doing things like this I was able to come in contact with the part of myself I locked off, the part that really believed it was okay to be me.

For today's journal activity you will once again use the dialogue technique. Choose one of your current stresses and write a dialogue about it. Dialogues can help you gain insight into events and issues that are causing stress in your life. If you find any journaling session overwhelming, feel free to take a break or stop journaling for the day. Remember for this exercise you can choose any person, body part or entity. Simply fill in the prompt and continue to write.

Dear _____________________________________ Why did you do _______________________________________

Question To Ponder
What part of this program do you find the most helpful? If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in our Structured Program forum. We would love to hear from you.

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