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Congratulations! You have completed the first half of the program and are moving on to the second. This is a great accomplishment. Be proud of yourself. Feel free to do something for yourself as a reward. As you go through the second part of this program, begin trying to recognize if there are any changes in your life that need to be made to end the pain cycle. Overcoming the fear and anxiety attributed to your symptoms is the key to recovery.

Educational Activity: One of the most difficult aspects of TMS/PPD is feeling comfortable enough to tell people, especially family and friends, about TMS/PPD. When a lot of people first learn about TMS/PPD and begin to see the effectiveness of the approach, they have the strong desire to tell everyone they know about it. However, finding the right way to describe the condition can be difficult. TMS doctor, John Stracks, gives suggestions on how to explain TMS/PPD to friends and family as part of the Q & A section of the wiki. Click here to access the article.

Ask a TMSer: How do you simplify your life?

MatthewNJ: “I recommend reading Stephen Covey, "First Things First". His paradigm is find what is important and do that vs trying to schedule everything into the day that isn't long enough.”

marshacohen: “Try to relax whenever you can. Life is full of stress and most times we just have to learn to live with it. We can't always change our life circumstances..we can just deal with them in a more effective way.”

2Scoops: “Focus on what is truly important. Sometimes we have stress because we have over committed ourselves. If there is something you don't need in your life, maybe it's time to get rid of it. Sometimes the more we have, the less we truly gain.”

Penny4Them: “Before doing something that causes you pain, try to connect to your emotions in the situation, instead of the physical sensation. (i.e. going to work: you feel nauseaous ... why? your boss doesn't listen to you. Why? Because you've never told your boss how you feel when he doesn't listen. You need to be emotionally honest with yourself and protect yourself too. Cut the dead weight. If you have friends who are NOT friends, dump them and make room for some new ones.”

Think about how you currently simplify your own life, or what changes you'd like to make to help simplify your life in the future. If you feel comfortable, post your thoughts on the full thread subforum

As you begin the second part of this program, take a quick look at your past, current, and personality lists. If one of the lists still has a lot of items on it, then today journal about it. Also if there are any pertinent issues that you feel like addressing today, do that as well. Today you can free write about the journal topic of your choice.

Question To Ponder
What part of this program do you find the most helpful? If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in our Structured Program forum. We would love to hear from you.

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