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Every recovery is different and we can learn a tremendous amount from each other. User pages are a place to share your perspective in an organized way that will continue to help people long after your own recovery. These pages can consist of TMS/PPD books and resources you like, along with treatment approaches you find helpful. If you have some personal favorite forum posts that you found helpful make a list of them, so others will be able to read them. Also, if you have any thoughts about PPD in general you can write out all of your ideas in this section. Just remember not to violate our conflict of interest policy. For more information visit TMSWiki:About User Pages.

Most Popular

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  1. What Helped Me the Most, by rdgray
  2. Somatic Experiencing, by Bob Evans PhD
  3. The Monkey Trap, by Peter Zafirides, MD
  4. From Wheelchair to Ice Skates: My Success Story, by Pandamonium
  5. My Success Story, by Abigail Steidley


Book Reviews

Success Stories

Treatment Approaches

What Helped Me the Most

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