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This page was developed from forum posts made by mizlorinj in the thread GAD.

Do you fulfull your expectation of having pain at certain times? Someone I know said "if I move furniture around, I know my knee will hurt the next day." He was conditioned that this would be the case, and indeed, it was. Until he realized he was expecting pain following moving furniture. Now he no longer expects the pain, and he no longer gets it.

Therefore, it is necessary to decondition your expectation or fear of the pain. If you've had pain when getting out of bed (example), a good way to overcome this is immediately switching to saying I FEEL FINE out loud repeatedly.

I prefer to use affirmations that are positive words only as stated in caps above, as opposed to things like: I have no pain, or this does not hurt. You want your brain to focus on the postive words, not hear the negative ones like "pain."

While giving birth years ago, my doctor told me she heard my tailbone pop, which (at the time) explained the sudden onslaught of agonizing pain I had when trying to stand or sit (at a certain position it would jab me). When I asked her about this pain, she told me it would never heal. Therefore, for years I used to expect to have back pain when I did any exercise involving the tailbone. After learning about Dr. Sarno and repeating to myself MY TAILBONE HAS HEALED, within a few weeks of purposely doing things that involved the tailbone (favorite was leaning back for rowing exercise) one day I said !$%^&*(THIS IS IT I AM DOING THIS EXERCISE AND AM PERFECTLY FINE. I have never had tailbone pain again. So I finally finally faced the fear and it was gone. (took a few months of doing this, but it worked). In retrospect, I wouldn't doubt that my fear of taking care of a newborn baby caused the pain too, since it went away when he was a couple months old! Then it would only hurt when I exercised as mentioned above.

I figure we don't develop this conditioning overnight so it probably won't go away overnight. It may, but if not, there is hope.

I try to be aware and speak kind and lovingly to myself too, like a loving parent. Inner dialogue after a less-than-desirable incident is sometimes is "how did that happen?" and I follow up with "we are not perfect, it's all ok. you are fine."

Remember, we are not in control of our emotions. We control how we react to them. :-)

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