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While I don't have quite a complete success story yet, I have found some success on my journey with healing my PPD/TMS symptoms. My profile explains some of my history with pain and symptoms that I've had maybe half my life. I've realized that since the Fall (2010), I haven't had any excruciating shoulder, neck or arm pain! It was a daily occurrence and I often cried, panicked, got angry and depressed - all due to pain and limitations that were constant. I may not be able to pitch a baseball game (yet!), but I no longer have these pains. Yaaaaaaaay!

I still have doubts about some symptoms and sure enough, I still have pain and fear. Or maybe it's the other way around, huh? ;) It's incredible just how much thinking gets in the way of healing! That's my lesson, to just 'be' and not over think or anticipate what may or may not happen, how I may or may not feel. I need to remember that this can take time, so I try to be patient and not be too hard on myself.

And you know what? Sometimes I just need a break and need to watch a good, funny movie or visit with friends that will make me laugh and forget about my troubles. From time to time, I need to NOT think psychologically or PPD/TMS or Sarno, etc... Going to a coffee shop, mall or movie theater with a spouse or friends, somewhere busy, where there are distractions can really help us give our minds a break from all the thinking. I make sure I do that from time to time or I'd go crazy! LOL

it is believed that it isn't even necessary to know "what the message is", that just accepting there are subconscious worries, anger, fears and other emotions is enough to tell the brain that you don't need the TMS pain as a distraction from them. You are "on to it's tricks" of trying to avoid the unpleasant feelings from surfacing.

Once they're acknowledged, the body can relax and not need the pain.For many people, this is enough, but for some, such as myself, more is required in the forms of journaling, positive self-talk, psychotherapy and making changes in our daily life. Monte Hueftle (you can do a search on the forum here) suggests that we adopt ways to handle stress and tension and live in the present, that people with TMS/PPD hold tension in their bodies and on to worries and anxiety. I believe this to be true and so am working on that.

A good reminder for me, that might help you too....

The Daily Reminders from Healing Back Pain:

The pain problem is due to TMS, not to structural abnormalities.

The direct reason for the pain problem is mild oxygen deprivation psychosomatic.

TMS is a harmless condition, caused by my repressed emotions.

The principle emotion is my repressed anger.

TMS exists only to distract my attention from the emotions.

Since my back problem area is basically normal there is nothing to fear.

Therefore physical activity is not dangerous.

And I must resume all physical activity.

I will not be concerned or intimidated by the (pain) problem.

I will shift my attention from the pain problem to emotional issues.

I intend to be in control - not my subconscious mind.

I must think psychological at all times, not physical.

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