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Having a relapse can make be particularly difficult for people to deal with, and can make someone question if they have PPD. The techniques a person used the first time may not be enough to overcome a serious relapse. This is especially true if someone had a "book cure." The following are several suggestions and thoughts on how to tackle a relapse. This list originated as a thread called "How to tackle a relapse after years'tips from TMS veterans requested," and most of the tips are by Redsandro.

  1. Make a list of stuff you need to do, and just do it.
  2. Use affirmations, or more specifically the Daily TMS Reminders.
  3. What has been structurally pissing you off (or making you sad) lately? Journal about it until you have a change of blood-pressure.
  4. Do not underestimate a good workout. Push some weight in the morning or run around the block for 20 minutes in the evening.
  5. Make a list of people you hate and/or miss the most and write fictional letters to them.
  6. Listen to that song/album you love so much during repetive tasks such as the dishes. Even if, correction, especially if your mate/spouse/neighbor hates it. Volume on 11. Yes, take time to set up a descent audio system. Okay, wear a headset if you absolutely have to.
  7. Find records of yourself (e.g. journal, forum) experiencing your first ´cure´ to remind yourself how ridiculously psychosomatic you´ve experienced TMS to be.
  8. Give people occasional compliments (when they sort of deserve them).
  9. Turn boring necessities (e.g. dishes) into a game. Don´t know a game? Making up a game is the game.
  10. Reserve time for ´the work´ you want to do. Allow free thinking when you want to. But during the rest of daily activities try your best not to think about your symptoms or treatment.
  11. Don't loiter/roam/pause/delay/freeze before/during/after an activity much. Save those minutes for designated moments of free time during the day.
  12. Practice Guided Imagery
  13. Simplify your daily schedule. Figure out what is the most important thing you need to do, and then drop some of the more trivial items (at least until you recover). Also try to delegate some of your work/chores to other people, and say no to added responsibilities. Try not to feel guilty about simplifying your life. Think of it as taking care of yourself.

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