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Any user may create a wiki page and store it under this page. Usually, users start by editing their profile page. Profile pages are nice because they are easy to find and only the person who owns them can edit them. However, if you would like additional pages, you can get more here.

Ideas for what to put on user pages:

  • A list of your favorite TMS books and resources, along with why you like them
  • Do you have something that you feel strongly about that you want to get out of your system? Put it here!
  • A list of your favorite forum posts.
  • ANYTHING that you would like to put up on the web. It doesn't have to be TMS related as long as it doesn't violate the Wetpaint [../terms Terms of Use] or our conflict of interest policy.

User Pages Bill for Rights

  • User pages contain the opinions and thoughts of the individual who created the page.
  • These pages cannot be edited by anyone other than the person who authored the page, with the exception of wiki administrators adding relevant links, informative boxes, or disclaimers to a specific page.
  • There are two sections of User pages: Browsable User Pages are the featured level section that is visible from the home page. This section contains the most helpful and relevant user pages. People can add anything relating to TMS/PPD to these pages. The Conflict of Interest Policy is in effect on these pages.
  • The Private User Pages can consist of material that is not TMS/PPD related as long as it doesn't violate the Wetpaint [../terms Terms of Use] or our conflict of interest policy. In this section practitioners may add links to or advertise their services, website, or products.
  • A wiki administrator has the authority to move a User page from the "Browsable User Pages" section to the "Private User Pages" section, or vice versa.
  • Wiki editors and admins are allowed to add a yellow box with links on the bottom of the page.
  • Wiki members and wiki admins are not allowed to change, alter, or edit any information or text in a user page that is between the top and bottom yellow boxes on the page.
  • These guidelines, rules, and rights may changed at anytime.

How to Create a User Page

To make a user page, you first must set up an account at the wiki and sign in. Then, while you are on the main User Page, click on "Add a New Page" near the left of the page. For the name of the page, type in the title of the page followed by a comma by your user name. An example of this is Pear Review, by Georgie Oldfield. This page will then become your own personal space on the internet. You can put whatever you want on it by clicking the EasyEdit button. Further, you can make new pages under this page and put whatever you want on them.

To see who has edited any page on the wiki, you can always scroll down to look for a blue box that looks like this:

The box shows the last person to edit the page. To see a list of everyone who has edited the page, along with when the edits occurred, click on the "complete history" link near the upper right hand corner of the box (it is circled in the diagram).

If you would like to receive an email whenever someone edits a specific page on the wiki (such as your unlocked user page), you can [Page or Thread|add the page to your watch list].

In general, users are strongly discouraged from editing other users' "User pages" without explicit permission from the owner of the user page. If you would like your user page "locked" so that no other user can edit it, you can make a request on our Change Requests forum. Likewise if you want your page unlocked, you can also post there. (Only administrators can lock pages on wikis because the general spirit of wikis is that anyone can edit anything.)

Questions about this? Post in our Help using the TMS Wiki forum.

The majority of pages in the wiki are written with a voice that might be called "the voice of the wiki." By their nature, user pages aren't written in the voice of the wiki. To avoid confusing wiki readers and prevent them, for example, from thinking that the wiki endorses certain products, we are developing a policy regarding a disclaimer that must be put at the top of user pages. Because we don't yet have a policy, by placing pages in the user pages, you give permission to TMS wiki administrators to edit your pages to add a disclaimer at the top.

If you have several user pages, you should put them all underneath one main user page in the site outline. If you have questions about how to do this, just post a question about it in our forum.

DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.