Survey Response: Nicole Sachs, LCSW

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This survey was last updated in March 2013.

Degrees/Licenses Held: MSW, LCSW

Contact Information:

Number of years in practice: 10

Number of years in practice with patients who have TMS: 10

Number of patients you have seen who have had TMS: Over 100

What is your association to the TMS community? I am a Sarno Therapist, TMS survivor and advocate for TMS related causes.

Have you ever suffered from TMS? Yes.

Are you able to conduct therapy sessions over the phone? Yes.

What insurance plans do you currently accept? None.

Do you have a sliding scale of payment for people who are not covered by insurance? Yes, in cases of economic hardship.

What have you done to educate yourself about TMS, and what plans do you have for further education about TMS?
I have lived it, trained with Dr. Sarno, spoken about it publicly, practiced for 10 years in a clinical setting, and written a book related to the topic.

PTPN Interview With Nicole Sachs

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