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Each month the PTPN sends out a newsletter informing the PPD/TMS community of upcoming events or educational opportunities. The newsletter also contains original content specifically for practitioners, which include Q&A with an Expert responses, various essays, and interviews conducted by the PTPN with practitioners such as Howard Schubiner, MD and Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD.

PTPN Newsletter Archive


May 2011 Newsletter

June 2011 Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

  • Q&A with an Expert
    • How do I overcome initial unconscious resistance to "the work?"
    • Can PPD cause swelling?
    • What is the relationship between food intolerance and PPD?
    • Can simply having ongoing stress in my life be the main factor in PPD?
  • Peer Supervision Teleconference with Howard Schubiner, MD
  • When Stress Causes Pain Conference, October 2012
  • PPD Peer Drop-in Chat

November 2011 Newsletter

  • Survey of PPD Medical Providers
  • November Peer Supervision Teleconference with Howard Schubiner

December 2011 Newsletter

  • January Peer Supervision Teleconference with Bob Evans, PhD
  • The Great Pain Deception
  • Q&A with an Expert response by Eric Sherman, PsyD
    • How do I handle a family member who is not supportive?


February 2012 Newsletter

  • When Stress Causes Pain Conference, October 6, 2012
  • TMS Wiki Version 2.0
  • March Peer Supervision Teleconference with Peter Zafirides, MD
  • Two New Websites: The Healthy Mind and Back in Control
  • Breaking the Pain Cycle, by Alan Gordon LCSW
  • Can Tics Be Contagious: An examinatin of the Le Roy, NY ailment mystery, by Howard Schubiner, MD
  • Q&A with an Expert, response by John Stracks, MD
    • When should I stop taking my pain medications?

March 2012 Newsletter

  • Thank You, Dr. Sarno
  • April Peer Supervision with John Stracks, MD
  • The New TMS Wiki Forum

May 2012 Newsletter

  • Adversity to Advocacy in the PPD/TMS Movement
  • When Stress Causes Pain Conference Registration
  • Q&A with an Expert, response by Alan Gordon, LCSW
    • Is it PPD or a structural issue

July 2012 Newsletter

August 2012 Newsletter

  • Recording of the webinar with Alan Gordon, LCSW on July 21, 2012
  • Peer Supervision Teleconference with Mark Lumely, PhD
  • Special Webinar with Peter Zafirides, MD on September 15, 2012

September 2012 Newsletter

December 2012 Newsletter

  • Peer Supervision Teleconference with Alan Gordon, LCSW
  • Recording of the webinar with David Schechter, MD and Arnold Bloch, LCSW
  • Recording of the 2012 PPDA Conference: When Stress Causes Pain
  • The Bio-Technological Approach to Back pain: Dangerous Road Ahead, by Howard Schubiner, MD
  • Interview with the Rocky Mountain Stress Check-Up Network


March 2013 Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter

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