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Peter Zafirides

Dr. Peter Zafirides is a psychiatrist in Columbus, Ohio. He is President and Medical Director of Central Ohio Behavioral Medicine (COBM). Established in 1997, COBM is a premier behavioral healthcare practice with a multidisciplinary staff of MD, NP, RN, PhD, LISW, and LPCC clinicians. Dr Zafirides is also Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry at Ohio State University. Dr. Zafirides' specific interest is in the psychiatric aspects of chronic pain management. He been published in this area of Psychiatry. Dr. Zafirides continues to be an active speaker on Psychiatric Aspects of Chronic Pain, speaking both nationally and internationally on this subject. Dr. Zafirides has received the "Best Doctors In America" recognition in psychiatry for 7 consecutive years since 2005. He has also been recognized with a "Patients' Choice Award" in 2008 and 2010.

For the past 12 years, Dr. Zafirides has been treating patients with TMS, and he has developed his own treatment protocol. He has trained under TMS practitioners such as Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Howard Schubiner. Dr. Zafirides is also an active participant in the TMS Working Group, which is a coalition of TMS practitioners who have organized two TMS conferences. In September 2010, Dr. Zafirides started a Ohio-based radio show called The Healthy Mind, which discusses the connection emotions have on the physical body. Previously, the radio show streamed online on Upper Arlington Radio (WUAR); now, all podcasts for The Healthy Mind can be found at Dr. Zafirides has also written several articles for the TMS Wiki and is a board member for the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA)

Contact Information

5025 Arlington Centre Boulevard, #500
Columbus, Ohio 43220
(614) 538-8300
(614) 538-1656 (fax)

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