August 15, 2012
PPD/TMS Peer Network  August Newsletter
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope this finds you well. The Peer Network continues to have a very busy summer. Last month Alan Gordon, LCSW hosted a special webinar event where peers could call in to ask advice and receive guidance. The audio from that event is now up on our forum for people to listen to. Next month we will host another special edition of our Drop-In Chat with guest Peter Zafirides, MD. This will be our third such event.

Our Peer Supervision Teleconferences for therapists will be continuing as well. At the September meeting we will be discussing the article
Pain and Emotion: A Biopsychosocial Review of Recent Research . The guest speaker will be the author of the article, Mark Lumley, PhD, from Wayne State University. This will be a very special event for anyone interested in learning about the most current research on pain and emotions.

I also want to encourage all physicians on this list to consider participating in a research project which is surveying TMS physicians. The project is for a dissertation on the unconscious causes of pain and illness. This survey will provide insights in how TMS practitioners treat and diagnose TMS.

As always, if you ever have any questions about any of the Peer Network's programs, please feel free to ask.


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In This Edition
  1. July 21 Special Webinar with Alan Gordon
  2. Peer Supervision Teleconference with Guest Mark Lumley
  3. TMS Support Group
  4. Special Webinar with Peter Zafirides
  5. Room Sharing for October Conference
  6. Survey of TMS Providers

AlanGordonJuly 21 Special Webinar

On Saturday, July 21 Alan Gordon LCSW, hosted the 2nd special drop in chat session. During the event, Alan conducted several personalized feedback sections with participants who were struggling in their recovery. The audio of the event is available on our forum

This is a great way to listen in on another TMS therapist while they work with a client and watch the techniques they employ, and the language they use.
In one case, Alan used ISTDP techniques to help a caller tap into his repressed emotions. All in all, it was a very enlightening session that may be beneficial to both patients and practitioners alike.

TMS Support Group

The next meeting of the in-person support group is on August 23. The meeting will be from 7:00 PM to 8:45. For information on the location and directions visit

The purpose of these meetings is to build an active community of TMSers and 
learn from one another by helping build connections between people who are recovering from PPD/TMS and those who have already recovered. For more information on these meetings check out the forum post and the wiki page.

Room Sharing for October Conference

Several people have expressed an interest in sharing a hotel room with someone for the PPDA Conference in October. If you are interested in getting in touch with someone about sharing a hotel room, please email me, and I will forward your request to other interested parties.


Peer Supervision Teleconference

The next peer supervision teleconference will be on Saturday, September 8th from 1:00-2:30 PM EST.
We will be discussing the research article, Pain and Emotion: A Biopsychosocial Review of Recent Research. The lead author of the article, Mark Lumley, Ph.D., will be in attendance as a special guest. He will begin the session by summarizing the article and will then take questions.

The article may be downloaded from:
Alternatively, it may be read online by clicking on this link.

Mark Lumley is a professor at Wayne State University and researches the interface of stress, emotional regulation, and physical health. He tests the health benefits of writing or talking about stressful personal experiences and examines methods to integrate emotional disclosure into cognitive-behavioral therapies. He often studies people with chronic pain problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or migraine headaches.

Please note the log-in features are slightly different for this meeting.To attend the teleconference simply call 646-583-7415 and enter the access code 21558901#

Practitioner Peter ZafiridesSpecial Webinar with Peter Zafirides

On Saturday, September 15, the PTPN will host a special edition of our drop-in chat with guest Peter Zafirides, MD. This session will provide patients with the opportunity to interact with a highly skilled practitioner and discuss a variety of PPD related issues.

The event will start at 3:00 PM EST. If you have any clients or patients that may benefit from listening to Dr. Zafirides please let them know about this event. All practitioners are also welcome to attend and listen in as well.

Survey of TMS (PPD) Providers

Psychology doctoral candidate, Sara Lou O’Connor, MA, MFA, has prepared a survey for medical doctors whose practice includes TMS.  The survey is for Ms. O’Connor’s dissertation research project about TMS and its position in the long tradition of medicine.  The goal of the research is to learn as much as possible about the doctors who include TMS in medical practice.  David Schechter, MD, is one of Ms. O’Connor’s Dissertation Committee Advisors.  Ms. O’Connor was tutored by Donald Dubin, MFCC, in the practice of TMS psychology for 18 months (2001-2002).
If you are a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats TMS, it is important that you respond to this survey.  TMS medical providers are a small population.  Defining a population is a special area of statistical analysis.  To get a clear and valid understanding of all the physicians practicing TMS medicine, all members need to respond. 
Confidentiality of information:  All the information you provide will be kept confidential.  Your responses will be combined with those of the other medical doctors whose practices include TMS diagnosis and treatment.  The results will be statistically analyzed and presented and published in scholarly, academic formats.

The Survey will only be available in August, so please reply to soon. In your email please send your preferred email address.


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