July 5, 2012
PPD/TMS Peer Network  July Newsletter
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope this finds you well. Over the past month the Peer Network has held several exciting programs that have provided new and interesting ways to look at PPD. The biggest event was a special webinar with PPD practitioner Alan Gordon, LCSW. This was the first time we held a webinar such as this, where a practitioner interacted with peers live.  Alan introduced new concepts and analogies, such as the Internal Terrorist, which provided everyone with a new way to address anxiety and PPD. Many people have commented that they found it helpful to learn how to feel your feelings.

In addition, we are starting up an in-person support group for individuals in the Boston area, and have an engaging reading group as well. I am also very pleased to have Dr. Peter Zafirides as the guest speaker at the next Peer Supervision Teleconference. The first session he spoke at was very engaging, and I am very excited to have him address the group again.

As always, if you ever have any questions about any of the Peer Network's programs, please feel free to ask.


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In This Edition
  1. Peer Supervision Teleconference with Dr. Peter Zafirides, MD
  2. Special Drop-in Chat with Guest Alan Gordon, LCSW
  3. Boston Support Group
  4. TMS Reading Group

July Peer Supervision Teleconference
Practitioner Peter ZafiridesThe next Peer Supervision Teleconference will be held on Saturday, July 14th from 1:00-2:30 PM EST. The guest speaker will be PPD   psychiatrist, Peter Zafirides, MD

Dr. Zafirides is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has been treating patients with PPD for over 12 years. He has received the "Best Doctors in America" recognition in psychiatry for the past 7 years. Zafirides also hosts a weekly podcast called The Healthy Mind, which discusses the connections emotions have on the physical body. Dr. Zafirides is also a board member of the PPDA.


Special Drop-in Chat with Guest, Alan Gordon

AlanGordonOn Saturday, June 9th the PTPN hosted a special Webinar session of our drop-in chat program, with PPD practitioner, Alan Gordon. The session consisted of an one-on-one consult followed by an open Q&A section. We had a terrific turnout and the session covered a wide variety of issues that people struggle with as they recover from PPD.


The audio portion of this special webinar is available for you to listen to in the June 9th, Drop-in Chat thread. While we promoted this as a peer event, I believe it will also provide practitioners with a terrific case study on how to help clients struggling to recover from PPD and address anxiety. This is a great way to see how another therapist interacts with a client struggling with anxiety and repressing emotions.

Boston PPD Support Group

Several members of the PTPN are starting up an in-person support group in the Boston area for people who have or have had PPD. The first meeting will be held on Thursday, July 19th at 7:00 PM. The group will meet at Cafe Andala in Cambridge, MA. For more information on the meetings visit Boston TMS Support Group.

PPD/TMS Reading Group
As many of you are aware, the PTPN hosts a weekly drop in chat, where people can receive support and have a general discussion on all things PPD. As part of this chat, we have recently started up an informal PPD reading group. During portions of each drop in chat session, we will be discussing a chapter or two from a PPD book. Education is such an important part to recovery, and these discussions allow people to bounce ideas off of one another and pick up new things they may have missed.

For the past two weeks we have discussed chapters from the book, The Great Pain Deception, by Steve Ozanich. During the first week we discussed chapters 1 & 2. The following week, Steve Ozanich joined us for the chat and answered people's questions. Since these discussions were so great, we decided to publish the transcripts of them in our forum. The transcripts are located at:

The next chat will be on Saturday, July 7th from 3:00-4:00 PM EST. We will be discussing chapters 3-5 of the Great Pain Deception. The chat room is located at www.tmswiki.org/chat.


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