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As of November 2013 there have been six major conferences held about TMS. At these conferences medical and mental health practitioners have gathered and discussed ideas about TMS ranging from treatment methods to ways to raise public awareness. These conferences have given some of the brightest minds in the field a forum to present their research and explain how they treat TMS patients. The first TMS conference was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2009. The second was held at UCLA in March of 2010.

TMS: Recent Developments in TMS Research and Clinical Practice, March 2009

LA Mind-Body Conference, March 2010

When Stress Causes Pain (Conference), October 2012

When Stress Causes Pain (Master Class), May 2013

When Stress Causes Pain (Clinical Training), November 2013

Chronic Pain: to suppress, manage, or cure? (SIRPA Inaugural Conference), April 2015

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