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11/12/2012: TMS Survey for Physicians: A doctoral student is currently working on a dissertation about chronic pain and has a survey for medical doctors to complete about their experience treating patients with TMS. This research will provide insights into chronic pain treatment. The survey will be open throughout August. To participate email TMSsurveydocs at aol dot com.

On July 21st TMS practitioner, Alan Gordon, LCSW, hosted a special session of our Drop-in Chat. This was the 2nd webinar we have had this summer. The audio and text chat transcript have been posted in our forum. Feel free to download the audio and listen to it whenever you have a moment.

9/04/2012: Dr. Peter Zafirides has made the latest addition to the wiki's Q&A with an Expert program. Dr. Zafirides answered three questions:

8/15/2012: On June 30th, TMS author, Steve Ozanich, participated in the drop-in chat. During the session he discussed his book, The Great Pain Deception, how we recovered, and TMS. Our discussion was very enlightening. Check out the transcript of this special chat in the thread June 30th Chat with Steven Ray Ozanich.

8/13/2012: In the most recent episode of the Healthy Mind Radio show, host Peter Zaifirdes interviews PPD practitioner Howard Schubiner. This is a fantastic discussion between two of the most well known TMS/PPD practitioners in the field today. To access the video go to the Healthy Mind Website. 07/31/2012: TMS/PPD therapist Alan Gordon, LCSW hosted a special online event on Saturday June 9th. The event consisted of several in depth consultations followed by a Q&A section. To listen to the audio recording of the event check out the thread Special Event with Alan Gordon.

07/02/2012: Dr. John Stracks has made the latest addition to the wiki's Q&A with an Expert program. Dr. Stracks answered the question: When should I stop taking pain medications during my TMS recovery?. This is a great article for anyone who is just starting a TMS/PPD treatment program.

06/01/2012: Accepting the TMS/PPD diagnosis can be very challenging for some people. PPD Practitioner, Alan Gordon, LCSW, addresses this topic in a recent Q&A with an Expert article entitled Is it PPD or a real structural issue. This article will help you view your doubt in a new way!

05/08/2012: Breaking the Pain Cycle is a brand new article on TMS/PPD. It is written by experienced PPD practitioner Alan Gordon and explores the role of fear and anxiety and how to overcome the conditioning involved with PPD. This is an amazing article for anyone who is having difficulty eliminating their symptoms.

01/10/2012: Georgie Oldfield is putting together a collection of TMS/PPD recovery stories for a new book. If you are interested in submitting your success story send her a wiki message through her profile. For discussion, click here.

5/16/11: Thursday, April 28, Dr. John Stracks hosted a public lecture about TMS/PPD in Chicago by Dr. Howard Schubiner. Discussion / Brochure

4/19/11: We've created a new section called "User Pages," where you can make a web page to share your story and your ideas about how to recover from TMS/PPD! Two examples:

  1. Affirmations, by mizlorinj
  2. My Insomnia Story, by Harold Goodman

Discuss user pages here.

4/19/11: New online audio: Alan Gordon and Howard Schubiner were interviewed by Janette Barber (Emmy award winning producer featured in the Stossel 20/20 video) for Martha Stewart Living Radio. Listen online and discuss here.

4/19/11: We have recently completed the first version of "Who's Who in TMS/PPD," a collection of biographical pages about 34 leaders in the TMS/PPD movement.

2/25/11: On Friday, February 25 at 2:10 Eastern Time, PPD practitioners Alan Gordon LCSW and Howard Schubiner MD will be discussing PPD on a satellite radio show on Sirius 112 and XM 157. They will be on for about half an hour and may be taking calls. Discuss the show in this thread.

1/28/11: Have you been wondering what TMS/PPD stands for? Find out all about the acronym PPD at the new page entitled "Why PPD."

1/26/11: TMS Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Zafirides has started a weekly radio broadcast called The Healthy Mind Radio Show with Dr. Peter Zafirides, that frequently covers the mind-body connection. Discuss it here.

10/17-10/22 2010: Dr. Howard Schubiner held an "Unlearn Your Pain" Intensive Workshop at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA. You can obtain more information from the Kripalu website

10/17/10: At 12:00 Eastern Time, several members of the TMSWiki held a TMS Live Panel of Success Stories. The event is discussed in this thread. MatthewNJ was the lead organizer of this event.

10/09/10: Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, and Dave Clarke, MD, are launching the Stress Illness recovery Association (SIRPA) on October 9, in Cambridge, UK. For more information, see the SIRPA page, the events page, or this thread.

10/08/10: New Chicago Tribune article: Write to Ease Your Pain about John Stracks's TMS practice. Discuss it in this thread and learn about journaling here.

4/28/10: Dr. Frank Murphy has a weekly internet radio show about TMS alongside Dr. John Sklar. More info (listen at the wiki!). Main forum thread (ask your questions here).

04/28/10: TMS Therapist Alan Gordon just published a new article about TMS in "Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal." You can read it here for free. (Details.)

4/28/10: The Spanish section now has five success stories, two articles, and three other pages translated into Spanish, as well as a newly created Spanish discussion forum.

2/16/09: The blogs in [../news our News page] have been getting a lot of traffic recently, with interesting comments both from wiki members and from the blog authors. From our News page, you can comment on all of the active TMS blogs using your TMS Wiki account. (details)

11/17/09: Added new videos by Monte Hueftle.

11/16/09: "Stress Check Up," a blog by David Clarke, MD, added to our [/news News] page.

11/15/09: A link to 13 new reviews of Dr. Schubiner's program from ratepoint.com added to our page about the program. Also added new videos by David Schechter and Howard Schubiner.

11/3/09: We just "went live" with our new home page design! Let us know what you think by posting below where it says, "Start a New Thread..." or "Post a new thread."

9/28/09: On Sunday, October 11th, 2009 we will host our first TMS Success Stories - Live Panel. See the Events page for more information.

9/27/09: We announced that we are creating a nonprofit to raise the profile of TMS and to back the wiki.

9/18/09: Louise Levy, M.A. has completed our therapist survey.

9/23/09: Clark Grove, Ph.D. Survey Response: Clark Grove, PhD has completed our therapist survey.

9/22/09: New Q&A: Dealing with a potential relapse trigger

9/10/09: New Q&A: Is adopting bad posture to avoid pain, a mistake?

7/16/09: The TMS Wiki has a new blog aggregator, with blogs by Howard Schubiner, Abigail Steidley, Dan Buglio, and David Schechter as well as Twitter posts about John Sarno. You can find all of this in our "[/news News]" tab at the top of every page.

DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.