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General TMS-Related Websites

Chatrooms and Forums

TMS Nonprofits

  • The PPD/TMS Peer Network (PTPN) The PPD/TMS Peer Network is an association of people who have recovered from TMS and wish to help raise awareness of TMS. This web site, The TMS Wiki, is the official website of the PPD/TMS Peer Network. Like the other nonprofits in this list, it is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
  • Seligman Medical Institute (SMI): A research institute devoted to TMS and other mind-body disorders. Although the SMI lost its funding in 2007, and as a result appears to have been inactive in its research since then, the information and materials on its website are still accessible.
  • PPD Association (PPDA): A practitioner association dedicated to training TMS practitioners. On it's board are several of Dr. Sarno's closest professional associates and several other leaders in the TMS field.

TMS Videos

ABCNews 20/20 segment on Dr. Sarno
There is no better way to learn about TMS and to see Dr. Sarno's treatment program work miracles than to watch this 15 minute segment from 20/20. Dr. Sarno cured one of the 20/20 reporters years before this program aired. In it, they follow three or four back pain sufferers, including one who has such pain that she moves about on a scooter rather than walking. By the end of the program, after treatment by Dr. Sarno, she is shown running (the other pain sufferers that they followed all improved, as well). 20 files were also pulled at random from Dr. Sarno's records, were called by a reporter, and all reported that they were better or much better after going through his program.

Dr. Schubiner's Online Video Lectures on TMS
In these four, 15-minute free video lectures, Dr. Howard Schubiner teaches you the basics of how TMS works by describing numerous medical studies that provide evidence for why it does what it does, and telling how you can develop a self-cure for TMS through gaining knowledge.

TMS Media Library
Hosted on the PTPN's discussion forum, this video collection includes interviews with TMS therapists, success stories from former TMS sufferers, videos by TMS practitioners, relaxation and meditation exercises, and more. The library is ever-expanding, as anyone with an account on the discussion forum can add to it.

TMS Audio

Recordings of the PTPN's Call-In Discussion Group
Listen to the recordings of the PPD/TMS Peer Network's weekly discussion group as members discuss common themes brought up in TMS books such as Pathways to Pain Relief and materials such as Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program.

Seligman Medical Institute Podcasts
The following are podcasts from the Seligman Medical Institute (SMI), a research institute devoted to TMS and other mind-body disorders. Although the SMI lost its funding in 2007, and as a result appears to have been inactive in its research since then, its website and materials from its website are still available. These podcasts can also be found here.

Success Stories

Here are some collections of success stories:

Articles for Healing

The following are articles, exercises, and other documents, specifically intended to help someone overcome their TMS:

Articles from the News


Top Tips for banishing TMS, from TMSHelp:

TMS in the Medical Community (as discussed on TMSHelp):

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