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The TMSWiki was launched in January of 2009 and initially sought to organize and provide TMS related information that is not found anywhere else on the internet. The organizers of the wiki also wanted to create "a hub of TMS activism by organizing and mobilizing a community of TMS activists." The initial ideas of the forming the wiki started in this forum thread in which the participants discussed creating a comprehensive list of TMS practitioners, TMS symptoms, diagnoses, and success stories, and frequently asked questions about TMS.

ForestforTrees set up the initial wiki at Unfortunately the bluewiki site was hard to use and not user friendly, so the wiki was quickly moved to Some of the initial [../accountSearch/all members], organizers, and developers of the wiki are Tpunk1, HilaryN123, pandamonium09, fredamir, Peghanson, and winnieb. These individuals thought that having an online encyclopedia solely devoted to TMS would be a great resource in helping people overcome chronic pain. While there were other websites devoted to TMS they were all owned and operated by doctors or other individuals who had complete control over the content and design of the website. The TMSWiki was set up in a way that every individual could add content that they found to be interesting, helpful, or needed, and every person could voice their thoughts on the format and design of the website. Any information added to the wiki would be accurately sourced, and delivered in an unbiased and neutral fashion. The organizers also instituted a strict conflict of interest policy to protect the wiki from being used as an advertising tool, and to ensure that it is a credible source.

As the wiki grew more and more people became members and new articles were being written. Some of the biggest article contributors are HilaryN123, pandamonium09, Peghanson, TMSAndrew, MatthewNJ, mizlorinj, Redsandro, Enrique.Pasos, Tpunk1, and ForestForTreesTMS. The TMSWiki members have developed close to 1,000 individual articles and threads on TMS providing comprehensive information ranging from specific symptoms and diagnoses, different therapy approaches, information on treatment techniques such as journaling, meditation, and affirmations, along with the largest list of TMS practitioners on the web, a comprehensive list of relevant medical research, and a growing list of TMS related books and DVD articles.

The TMSWiki has also developed great relationships with many TMS/PPD practitioners, and has sent a representatives to both the Ann Arbor TMS Conference and the Mind Body Conference in Los Angeles. Practitioners have proven to be a valuable resource for the wiki in many ways, including participating in the Q & A with an Expert section.

The TMSWiki continues to grow its membership and is adding new articles every week. It has received notoriety as a reliable and helpful resource for TMS/PPD in a number of articles including in Wikipedia's article on John Sarno, and in the Chicago Tribune.

DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.