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Mission Statement for the PPD/TMS Peer Network

The PPD/TMS Peer Network (PTPN) will be a respected, high traffic, multi-voice internet resource providing comprehensive and unique information, along with developing a community of people who are recovering or have recovered from TMS and to help them to turn their negative experiences with TMS into positive experiences by empowering them to help others learn about and recover from TMS.

Mission Statements Specific to the TMS Wiki

As the TMS Wiki precedes the PPD/TMS Peer Network nonprofit organization, the wiki had its own set of goals and mission statements. Below are the two original core missions for the TMS Wiki, last updated December 2011.

First Core Mission

The first core mission of the TMS Wiki is to make available information relevant to TMS that isn't available anywhere else. For example, it will have:

  • Specific pages on different symptoms and diagnoses related to TMS, organizing relevant success stories and other information
  • A questionnaire that is completed by almost all TMS professionals, giving TMSers valuable information that they can use when choosing which professionals they interact with.
  • A chance to ask questions of established TMS experts and to read and discuss others' answers.
  • A way to read about, discuss, and submit reviews of books and other media relevant to TMS. An example of a book-specific discussion that could arise would be the Presence Process support group.
  • A well organized and comprehensive list of TMS relevant research.

To achieve this goal:

  • It will have to be clear and well organized, like any good reference work.
  • It should have specific sections tailored for people at various stages of their TMS recoveries. An example of this would be our "So You Think You Might Have TMS" page.
  • It will need to be optimized from a Search Engine Optimization perspective and very gentle on newcomers. As a community, we must cultivate excellent relationships with TMS professionals.

Second Core Mission

The second core mission of the TMS Wiki is to become a hub of TMS activism by organizing and mobilizing a community of TMS activists. With multiple mailing lists, regular teleconferences among the main activists, and good relationships with both TMS professionals and TMS activists, we are in a unique position to organize lay-led TMS activism. Examples of this include the wiki itself, our Success Stories - Live Panel, our work organizing the next TMS conference, our "Promoting TMS Awareness" page, our support group teleconference, our Q&A with an Expert program, and various services that we have created for TMS professionals.

DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.