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Almost all pages in the wiki are written in a voice that might be called "the voice of the wiki." In a nutshell, this voice

  • strives to be as clear and objective as possible
  • represents the "consensus view" of TMS (generally Dr. Sarno's view), but can discuss innovations if they are clearly identified as such

When you write something in the voice of the wiki, try to avoid the use of the word "I" or even "we." If you feel that a page could be improved by adding something in your own voice, it may be appropriate to write a testimonial or to use a personal interjection

The following general guidelines are relevant to the voice of the wiki

  • Consensus: Pages in the TMS wiki should reflect a consensus by the editors interested in the page.
  • Multiple viewpoints: When editors differ about what should be written, the article should generally explore the different viewpoints as clearly and fairly as possible.
  • Alternative Views: Many TMSers report being helped by ideas that may differ from the ideas presented by Dr. Sarno. The TMS wiki is open to these ideas, but the reader should be made aware if the being presented ideas contradict Dr. Sarno's ideas. If ideas are presented without being attributed to any particular author, the reader should be able to assume that they are consistent with Dr. Sarno's ideas.