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TMS - 13 Relapse Recovery Rules

1) Make a list of stuff you have to do, and just do it.

2) Review the Daily Reminders from Healing Back Pain (see below).

3) What has been structurally pissing you off (or making you sad) lately? Journal about it until you have a change of blood-pressure.

The Daily Reminders from Healing Back Pain:

The pain problem is due to TMS, not to structural abnormalities.

The direct reason for the pain problem is mild oxygen deprivation psychosomatic.

TMS is a harmless condition, caused by my repressed emotions.

The principle emotion is my repressed anger.

TMS exists only to distract my attention from the emotions.

Since my back problem area is basically normal there is nothing to fear.

Therefore physical activity is not dangerous.

And I must resume all physical activity.

I will not be concerned or intimidated by the (pain) problem.

I will shift my attention from the pain problem to emotional issues.

I intend to be in control - not my subconscious mind.

I must think psychological at all times, not physical.

I just like to share with myself that this was probably my happiest moment on

Posted by Redsandr @ 11/08/2006 - 08:25:12

Not sure if this will persist, but I definitely felt a slight decrease of complaints today! My arms still felt unconfortable, but there was less pain and I typed a lot.

My arm felt sucky again after playing guitar for a short time so I took a walk.

Anyway, I kept typing and said to myself "What is going on?"

And a voice in the back of my head said "You're beginning to believe, Neo."


This is pretty exciting, it might get better.

On the other hand it's frightening.. what if this is temporarily?

However for the time being I'm like this ->

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