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Please keep in mind that before treating any condition, including Arm Pain, as TMS or PPD, it is vitally important to consult with your physician in order to rule out any serious medical conditions. To learn more about TMS and PPD, and to help you figure out if you have it, visit our An Introduction to TMS page and watch the video there. Some more guidance in figuring out if this approach is right for you can be found in the video at the top of our So You Think You Might Have TMS page.

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Arm Pain and TMS Success Stories

  • Samthefish's story: Samthefish describes his symptoms and how they coincided with stressful events in his life. He then shares his recovery and highlights the strategies that helped him the most.
  • YogaKym's story This is the personal account of YogaKym, a 51-year old web developer who began suffering from RSI symptoms in 2005 and recovered within one month of following Dr. Sarno's protocol.
  • DrGUID's story. This is the personal account of DrGUID, a computer programmer who suffered for 10 years from hand pain that he thought was RSI before finding TMS and Dr. Sarno. Along with his story, DrGUID provides his own "tips for beating RSI."
  • Dannord's story Dan recovered from 10 years of extremely disabling RSI that caused pain in his fingers, wrists, forearms, arms, elbows . You can watch him progress from “With no arms and no voice, my future looks bleak and it has already been bad for almost a decade now” to “I consider myself recovered now” in the thread in which he received support at TMSHelp.
  • PegHanson's story: PegHanson, a registered nurse, tells a touching story of how she overcame 10 years of chronic pain, muscle spasm, tingling in her neck, upper back and arms after reading Healing Back Pain. Her symptom resolution was a gradual process, and she has gone from a deep depression in which she felt like a failure as a mother and wife to "still doing great 8 years later." She is a frequent contributor to the TMSHelp forum and an editor at the TMS Wiki.
  • Thizznick's story: Thizznick woke up one morning to find his hands had gone numb and he had pain from his fingers all the way up to his neck. After seeing a TMS doctor, reading and journalling, he gradually recovered over a period of 2 months.
  • J. Clerkin says, "I found myself during a particularly high stress period experiencing numbness and pain in my right arm. Within a month I was immobilized by it, living on Vicodin. It took about 6 weeks of reading and re-reading the book (Mind Over Back Pain) to get to the point where I no longer needed pain killers. I had been told I had a bulging disc and would require surgery. Dr. Sarno saved me from surgery. I still feel a little pain on occassion - always during times of stress or fear - and I need only remind myself of what I learned from Dr. Sarno and it goes away. It is not an instant cure, and you DO need to read and re-read until your mind accepts the concept and your body falls in line... but it works."

Arm Pain referenced in TMS Books

Pain may radiate into the arm and hand, along with feelings of numbness, tingling and weakness. Tendon reflexes may be reduced or absent and there can be measurable muscle weakness. The nerve structures responsible for these symptoms ar the cervical spinal nerves and/or the brachial plexus, which receives branches from cervical spinal nerves C5, C6, C7 and C8 and thoracic spinal nerve T1...It cannot be reached by pressing on the upper trapezius muscle but is frequently involved when TMS is active in the muscle.

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