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Day 1 New Member

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by sapiencia, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. sapiencia

    sapiencia New Member

    I have just come through 3 months of extensive medical testing with pretty much all test coming back as normal. My Doctor gave me the diagnosis of “hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue”, IBS, reflux, leaky gut, allergies, in addition to my longtime FMS/CFS. She recommended I go to a naturopathic doctor to work on th leaky gut.

    It seems everyone and their dog are now being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been reading the books Stop the Thyroid Madness and Adrenal Fatigue and have been a member of the Facebook support groups for Thyroid and Adrenal. Each day I read countless posts by people dealing with these conditions. And what I am seeing, is that these people are locked into feeling crappy, and continually looking for relief, using supplements, therapies, trying new doctors, and so on…spending thousands of dollars, but not getting well. Some of them have been there for years! Most are taking dozens (one lady takes 70-80 vitamins daily) of supplements with the hope of finding the magic combination that will restore their health.

    The final straw came for me a week before Christmas when our 20 year old daughter got the EXACT same diagnosis as myself! Enough is enough, I thought! And I started googling and came across a couple of forums which indicated that Adrenal Fatigue and even hypothyroidism, can be TMS.

    I found the TMS wiki and have been on here most everyday the past week or so, reading and learning. I’ve decided to work on the 30 day Structured Educational Program and see how it goes.

    Interestingly, once I decided that the Adrenal Fatigue was TMS, my energy improved. I’ve not been taking the Adrenal support products for a couple weeks and my energy has been stable through the days and I am doing more on a daily basis than I've been able to do for several months.

    Also, I have been processing emotional work with a therapist since September and have had some good progress. Right now we are working on defense mechanisms (or scripts) from my childhood/adolescence. This involved doing forgiveness work and processing emotions until they no longer impact my body. It is difficult work….and I have a tendency to avoid doing it.

    I am a first-born, overachiever, type A, perfectionist, goodist, master stuffer and on top of all that, I am very nasty to myself. When I read over Alan Gordon’s Recovery Program I recognize that the larger portion of work I need to do will focus on learning to love myself, treat myself with compassion and kindness and quit beating myself up for every little thing.

    I am willing to accept that my pain and health ‘issues’ are a result of TMS, firstly, because all the medical tests I’ve had have never shown any abnormalities!, and secondly, because my pain and ‘symptoms’ bounce all over my body. Sometimes I’ll go several weeks without experiencing a symptom, and out of the blue I’ll realize, ‘wow, I haven’t had that for a while’ and the next thing you know the symptom is back.

    That just happened today in fact. I had been experiencing air hunger (breathlessness) for several weeks prior to Christmas. Over Christmas (which is my favourite time of year) we have been so busy doing things with the kids and our families, that I’ve not had any issues. But this morning as I began to work on day 1, the air hunger came back so intense that I felt dizzy and faint and had to lie on the floor. I did talk myself through it and got up and got moving, the rest of the day went okay.

    I also walked 1.5 miles today. I gave up walking several years ago as I was experiencing severe Sciatica from walking, although, there is nothing structurally wrong with my hip joint. The walk went well and I will do the same again tomorrow.

    I am very hopeful that the majority of my health 'symptoms' are a result of TMS and I am very excited and grateful for this forum and the structural program.
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  2. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    Welcome to the forum Sapienca! I love all the knowledge that you already have. With the enthusiasm and hope that you embody I am sure you will feel better and better everyday!
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  3. sapiencia

    sapiencia New Member

    Thank you for the welcome and encouraging reply. I red the Sarno books few years back and did experience improvements, after only a few weeks. (I even stumbled across the Wiki at some point which I had completely blocked out.) And then got on with life…and repressing….forgot all about TMS, Dr Sarno's books…and now it's all kind of exploded. Seeing my beautiful 20 year old daughter given the same diagnosis as me, was a HUGE reality check for me. How can that be? She is uber healthy, eats well, exercises, takes vitamins, doesn't drink, etc, etc…and there she is burdened with this heavy, life altering, label of Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, IBS…. Thankfully the fog cleared and I remembered my books by Dr Sarno and Dr Schubiner, dusted them off and re-read all the Sarno books. Then purchased them on my Kindle so I could read them in the night when I wake up, fill my mind with the truth of TMS that I might break-free of this self-imposed life-sentence. The reading led me to Dr Schubiners online course…and then here to the Wiki… I am on Day 3 of the structured program, have set aside 45-60 minutes a day (cause right now I can), am walking 5 times a week and doing forgiveness/integration exercises with a really great therapist….
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  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome to the forum Sapiencia!

    I've had all those same diagnoses at various times too. You will find real wisdom, truth, and compassionate support here. The techniques work. You are on the right path and I wish you all the best on your healing journey.
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  5. sapiencia

    sapiencia New Member

    Thank you Ellen, very grateful for the encouragement. :)
  6. Sanghagirl82

    Sanghagirl82 Peer Supporter

    I've had similar diagnoses plus a few more like"atypical facial pain"which basically means they don't know what it is. I am glad to see others like me on this site. I look forward to your future posts. I just started the SEP program too. Good luck!
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  7. sapiencia

    sapiencia New Member

    Hi Sanghagirl! Thanks for the welcome. I've watched a couple of your video updates and appreciate you sharing your journey. Count on my prayers for resolution of your insomnia. :)
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  8. Sanghagirl82

    Sanghagirl82 Peer Supporter

    My son has had IBS for years. But he has gotten much better as he has matured. Sad. I know how you feel in regard to your daughter. Let's stay in touch. Have you gone on the "chat" discussion they have here on Saturdays? I have found it helpful-- great, supportive people with a lot of experience with TMS.
  9. Birdie

    Birdie Peer Supporter

    Interesting topic as I am dealing with the same issues for a long time. Due to severe insomnia I got completely intolerant to any form of exercice, even going to the supermarket became impossible and the slightest exertion gave me nausea, vomiting, exhaustion and pain to the point I hardly was able to sit on a chair and talk to other people. I got my adrenals tested and hoped the test would come back normal. Cortisol in the morning is ok, but values in the afternoon and evening were completely out of range (as was my adrenaline ...way too low) and I was told to see an endocrinologist. Don't know if I will make an appointment this year, I will see.
    As I was diagnosed with "fibro"/CFS and PTBS I did a lot of research and it turned out that in these cases there was found a hypofunctioning of the
    hormonal stress axis between the hypothalamus, the hypophysis and the adrenal cortex. So that supports my assumption that all these conditions have one thing in common and that's probably the root of the problem: chronic stress/trauma! Of cause some other things like environmental factor/nutrition can play a role, too. But healthy individuals are able to tolerate all this and only when there is severe dysbalance ones system can't deal with any form of stress, be it emotional, phyical, nutrinional ...whatever. So in my opinion it's, like Sarno said, a severe form of TMS where longstanding physical/emotional trauma/stress altered the proper functioning of the system in the brain which is dealing with the fight and flight response. All this can happen in very early stages of life as it did in my case and makes one more vulnerable to any stress than others. And I guess, on top of that, TMS can use this as a great distraction, too! Nothing is more frigthening than a combination of severe exhaustion coupled with pain, anxiety, insomnia and so on. So all this is not only just in our heads. Just like TMS can produce oxigen deprivation in every body tissues, stress can alter the functioning of the brain/neurochemistry. But I strongly belief that one can deal with this and even reverse this process. Supplements may be a great support in difficult times when the body fails to absorb nutritens properly (I am defient in B12, iron and many other things although I really eat well and healthy and have to get injections because of anemia). But most folks think that herbs, supplements & co will do this job alone. But this won't work because it's the mental and emotional work that has to be done.
    @sapiencia: you're wondering why your doughter got the same diagnosis although she's living a very healthy live. That's a complex question. I don't know the psychological background of you and your doughter. But I know - according to actual science of epigenetic - that this form of altered HPA-axis (the hypofunctioning) can be passed on the next generation and makes them much more vulnarable to any stress! That's why trauma, even if the next generation didn't suffer from trauma, can show all the signs of a PTBS even if childhood and education were in a "normal" range. But again: I guess people are different and many people may have this downregulated HPS-axis and live a happy life, free from severe symptoms. I personally know people who recovered from severe forms of CFS by doing MENTAL & EMOTIONAL work, so that's the proof that it's possible.
    So, this post took me a long time as I have to look up every third word in a dictionary
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  10. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I definitely believe trauma is passed on from generation to generation.
    My mother suffered years of migraine headaches and even had suicidal tendencies.
    She had a very rough girlhood and so did her mother. Mainly abandonment and poverty.
    I think I inherited their traumas from my mother divorcing and me feeling abandoned and helpless as a boy.

    I think knowing that our traumas and pan can "run in the family" is helpful. For me it led to better understanding
    and that led to forgiveness. Forgiving my mother and father, and forgiving myself for any guilt I felt.

    TMS is great in helping us not only to heal from psychologically-caused pain, but to help lead us to be happier
    as well as healthier.
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  11. jessedas

    jessedas Peer Supporter

    This post is soo useful! I've been looking into leaky gut, GAPs diet etc. I've been intolerant of Milk/diary since around age 13/14, then later in my early twenties I became intolerant to gluten, soy, and eggs. It just keeps getting worse. Age 13 is when my parents divorced, I'm just now making that connection. I thought it was because I was drinking too much soda while in middle school that caused all the health problems with my gut, and possibly antibiotic intake. Although, it's good that I haven't drank soda since probably age 15 (just for basic health), it seems I'm overly sensitive. Or just have strong TMS. I'm seeing a therapist now, as of January, and hoping to resolve some issues. I'd love to get in touch with one of these TMS doctors eventually, as I've read several of the books and agree, but need to continue to work at it.

    I should also note, I was sick with gut issues today, and 2 days ago. My back and neck feel great this week though!
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  12. Helenback

    Helenback New Member

    I was diagnosed w/ adrenal fatigue and candida last august.. Consist fatigue,insomnia, SI joint pain,brain fog, left rib & shoulder pain and fibromyaglia. No tx helped...if I didn't have to go to work, I would have stayed in bed all day. After reading Dr. Sarno's books (3 weeks ago) and starting the structured program( day 10) I am 70% improved..I'm off of $300.00 per month supplements. Ha lah Lu yah! I too have breathing issues... I need to stop what I'm doing and focus on relaxing.. It works..
    This program works,,, keep us posted!
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  13. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is a wonderful exchange of postings and I can see that belief in TMS is crucial to healing. It worked for me, too.
    It doesn't surprise me that doctors can diagnose structural problems when there aren't any. Many of them don't believe
    the emotional connection with pain or illness. My doctor is strictly a pill pusher. He gave me no advice on how to deal
    with my anxiety and prescribed Librium. It just made me a zombie so I quit it and found that hot milk was better.

    I also learned about Dr. Sarno and TMS and it has not only cured my back pain but changed my life by making me happier
    and burying some long repressed anger against my parents from my boyhood when they divorced.

    I think the Structured Educational Program is wonderful and encourage its use. It makes us think deeply about ourselves
    and our relationships, and for me that led to forgiving those who I held years of grievances against. Forgiving is a miracle "supplement"
    and it's free.

    Good luck all of you. You're in great company of TMSers who help each other.

    Breathe deeply, live in the present, and laugh. It opens the door to feeling great.
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  14. thomasgentil

    thomasgentil Newcomer


    Dear @sapiencia have you been able to effectively treat your condition following the TMS protocol?

    I have also been diagnosed with AF, leaky gut, etc and have tried a million different types of treatments. Im not ready to try a GAPS diet that looks way too difficult and inconvenient. Theres just so much evidence and tests that AF and leaky gut etc exists that its hard to believe its strictly TMS. At the same time, all my regular medical tests came back normal so im really divided.

    Has anyone successfully cured adrenal fatigue and leaky gut with TMS? what i don't understand tho is that if you have leaky gut as presented on the "alternative" testings, then how does it get back to normal once you decide its TMS?


  15. Helenback

    Helenback New Member

    I was diagnosed w. AF in the summer of 2013. Intense fibro in the midback,left shoulder pain and left SI issues.. Weak was an understatment. I kept working but needed to rest when I wasn't at work.. Nothing got done...Went on a no dairy, gluten, caffine,sugar,alcohol,soy diet. I basicly ate omelets n stir fry. I was on 300.00 of supplements per month.nothing helped..saw every specialist.No answers..My primary said I was just getting old.. I was 50. I went down 31/2 pant sizes and felt like my body was slowly killing itself from the inside out. In sept 2014 I discovered I had candidiasis (bacteria overgrowth in the gut) started making my own bone broth to heal the gut.. Very nourishing ..I tried Accupunture, tapping, Some keneseology tx that deals w. past baggage. You name it. I tried it... I picked up Dr.Sarnos book.. And decided to dropped all the things I was doing that aided the symptoms..the fatigue, brain fog and candida symptoms went away..but in came anxiety, gi issues and the mid back n shoulder issues still exsist. I'm a work in progress. I'm working w. a non tms pshycotherapist ..not making too much headway..need to get back to the education program..
    Good luck to you! Keep us posted
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  16. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Helenback. I love your name. Very funny.

    Are you sure you don't have a gluten problem? That caused my sister to lose a lot of weight and
    have pain all over and she bent over like an old woman. She had every doctor and medical exam
    possible and no one knew what was causing her symptoms until an East Indian doctor thought it
    might be diet. He tested her and said she had celiac sprew. What a scary name, huh? He put her on
    a gluten-free diet and she got well amazingly fast and gained weight and the pain went away.

    I think you probably do have TMS and it is causing whatever you have. If so, more doctor visits,
    exams, acupuncture or anything else won't cure you, but TMS will. I urge you to stay in the
    Structural Eduucation Program so you learn more about TMS and what your repressed emotions are,
    and/or if you have a perfectionist and goodist personality.

    Meanwhile, try not to worry. You are going to get well again and soon. As for your pain coming on
    because you're "old," that's a lot of nonsense. When I was 82 (three years ago) I had severe back pain
    and I thought it was because I lifted a case of 36 cans of beer at the supermarket. No, I discovered
    Dr. Sarno and Healing Back Pain, and learned by journaling that I was suppressing anger and feelings
    of insecurity after my parents divorced with I was seven. In journaling, I learned to understand them better
    (even though they had passed on) and forgave them. So look into your girlhood. You may have no idea now
    what you are repressing from long ago.

    It's also likely that some recent emotional bummer has "triggered" the repressed emotions that are causing you pain.
    In my case, I believe that the divorce of close friends triggered my back pain because they were like family to me.

    Good luck in the SEP and in TMS. You've begun a wonderful journey into self-awareness that will make you feel
    healthier and happier than you ever thought possible. And meanwhile, don't worry about getting well. Enjoy each
    day and live in the present, not the past or future. Think about, journal about, your past, but don't dwell on it.
    Dr. Sarno says that just recognizing past emotions frees us from pain. We don't have to solve any problems.
  17. Helenback

    Helenback New Member

    Thx Walt,, I was tested for celiac .. And don't have it.. I have been through a divorce recently. And I am a classic TMS'er.
    The less he did the more I did..until the signs of inflammation showed up n were causing low back, rib n shoulder pain. I'll keep at the SEP..and perhaps see the dr. In NJ.
    All the Best! H.
  18. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Helenback, you can be glad you don't have celiac. I'd say ypu have TMS. Divorce is one of the main
    causes of TMS. Remember the good days, forget the bad. If at all possible, forgive the s.o.b.
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  19. TrustIt

    TrustIt Well known member

    I, too, have experienced this same diagnosis being given to several friends . It is becoming increasingly clear that there are "fad" diseases collectively circulating. Mind viruses are very contagious! I have been working on digestive issues that were extremely painful and uncomfortable and fear inducing. Thanks to TMS work and Steve's book, this is almost completely gone now. After trying all the diets and allergy meds et al, I have taken it all on as tms. Migraines gone after a lifetime. IBS down to a 1 or 2 on a 10 scale. I have a sinus issue...post nasal drip... that has been chronic for 10 years but has considerably improved. Now I am working on a complete remission from Hashimitos. I believe we can reverse practically anything if we can let go of trying to get rid of it and know we are ALREADY healed. Best to you on your journey. we have lots of company here for reassurance and encouragement.
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