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Helpful resources and links for people who have been around a little while

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by Forest, Jun 3, 2015.

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    If you are just starting out and feeling overwhelmed, don't worry about all of the information on this page. A big part of what makes this community special is the interaction between newcomers and old-timers. Newcomers bring new questions, and old-timers bring their experience and desire to help. This page is mostly for the old timers, so if you are new, feel free to skip this thread.

    If you are a newcomer, click here to read an introduction to our forum that is customized for newcomers. You may find this page interesting later, but for now, you might want to skip it entirely.

    Top Resources
    • TMS Recovery Program donated by Alan Gordon. This includes recording of sessions with Alan, so you can see how healing happens. Pay special attention to Part 1: Alan and I agree that it is where most of the symptom reduction comes from. Take time to journal about how each section applies to you. It is a great complement to our own Structured Educational Program, and I encourage people to do it before the SEP. There are also community resources to help you get more out of it.
    • Bestselling mindbody books on Amazon. Expand your mindbody knowledge.
    • TMS Webinars. Some people love our free downloadable mp3 recordings of TMS Webinars and TMS discussion groups.
    • Search engine. If you have a question about TMS, it probably has an answer. Just type your question in the upper right hand corner of this page or go to search.tmswiki.org. (If you find an old discussion thread that you want to reply to, feel free to reply to it. Depending on their settings, previous discussants might reply and continue the discussion, which is good for everyone.)
    • Home Page. The home page of our site has links to a great deal of very helpful content, particularly for newcomers.
    • Keys to Healing. Many people who have tried everything else have overcome tough stubborn symptoms with these.

    Using the Forum
    • The forum is divided into subforums. The "All Recent Threads" link, near the top of the page shows you all of the recently updated threads in one page.
    • Tags. Browse conversations/threads by topic using "tags." Click here to learn more about tags.
    • Most liked posts. The top 100 posts, as rated by our members.

    Social Media

    On Facebook, please join our Facebook page. It is named after The PPD/TMS Peer Network, the 501c3 nonprofit that sponsors this website and processes tax-deductible donations. Joining our page helps support the nonprofit and helps keep a connection with the community over the long term. Plus, some terrific content is shared on it that isn't shared on the forum. Click here to visit this page and then click the "Like" button to join it.

    You may also want to join the Facebook pages of the following organizations: Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner Association, the Pain Psychology Center, Pathways to Pain Relief, the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association, Dr. James Alexander, All The Rage, This Might Hurt, and Back In Control. If you want to keep up with cutting edge psychology, I recommend Buddha's Brain, The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, and The Greater Good Science Center. I've joined all of them and love the information that I get.

    Wiki Pages

    Currently, you are looking at the "forum" half of this web site. There is another half of the web site, called the wiki. Forum pages have a bold blue color at the top of the page, but wiki pages look like Wikipedia pages, with more white and grey.

    The wiki pages are worth exploring. The following is a list of some worth checking out (seriously - there is some really great stuff): A Word About Outcome Independence, by Alan Gordon, LCSWAffirmationsAn Introduction to TMSBreaking the Pain Cycle, by Alan Gordon, LCSWCall-In Peer Discussion GroupDr. Sarno's Treatment PlanEmotion Freedom Technique (EFT)Find a TMS Doctor or TherapistFor people just learning about TMSFor TMS practitionersHow do I journal?How do I MeditateHow You Can Help Intensive Short Term Dynamic PsychotherapyJim Campobello's Therapeutic Program for Overcoming TMSJohn E. Sarno, MDLiving Tension FreeQ&A with an ExpertSelf MonitorSíndrome de Miositis Tensional (Spanish)So You Think You Might Have TMSStructured Educational ProgramStructured TMS recovery programsSuccess Stories by Symptoms & DiagnosesTerminology for TMSThe Divided MindThe Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS)TMS in Pop CultureTMS In The MediaTMS Personality TraitsTMS Recovery ProgramTMS Support GroupsTMS WebinarsWho's Who in TMSWhy PPD

    We also have a wiki page about TMS books. It is called Books & DVDs, etc. The following is a list of wiki pages about books, where the book wiki pages have been notably well developed: Freedom From FibromyalgiaThe Great Pain DeceptionHealing Back PainPathways to Pain ReliefThe Master PracticeThe Meaning of TruthThe Mindbody PrescriptionThey Can't Find Anything Wrong.

    Info for Wonks

    Want to learn TMS Wiki lore? Find it here:
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    Thanks, Richard. Fixed.
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