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This website is written by a group of people who suffered from terrible pain (and other symptoms) until they discovered ideas first popularized by John Sarno, MD. These ideas have transformed our lives and we hope that they will transform yours as well.

Best wishes, The Executive Council of PPD/TMS Peer Network (the PTPN)

We are a 501(c)(3) public charity organized to run the wiki and help spread the word about TMS. Click here to learn more about our nonprofit. There are a number of ways to become involved with the organization, and we are eager to hear from you.

Highlights of the Wiki

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What's New?

Ask a TMS Therapist Program

Get advice and support from TMS Therapists via our new resource, Ask a TMS Therapist. Four therapists from the Pain Psychology Center (PPC) in Los Angeles, CA have volunteered to answer questions on a regular basis on our discussion forum. Read answered questions in the Ask a TMS Therapist subforum. Use the Ask a TMS Therapist form to submit your own question.

TMS Search Engine

Forget Google - the TMS Wiki's search engine provides you with information specifically related to TMS, without having to type "TMS" or "Tension Myositis Syndrome" or any other keywords to get the right results. Just quick, easy access to the information you need.

Upcoming Events

Click here to view the PTPN's entire calendar.

August 10, 2014 - August 15, 2014: Rewire Your Brain to Alleviate Pain

Led by TMS physician and author David Hanscom, MD, clinical psychologist Frederic Luskin, PhD, and professional dancer Babs Yohai, this 5-day workshop, held in Rhinebeck, New York, is for anyone experiencing prolonged discomfort from physical and/or emotional pain. The workshop will explore how and why chronic pain emerges, how it is sustained by the development of neurological pathways, and how to bypass existing pain pathways by creating new ones. Tuition is $595 (plus $25 materials fee). Click here for more information.
Download the Flyer

2014-2015 Academic Year: Pathways to Pain Relief Practitioner Training Program

Psychologists and co-authors of Pathways to Pain Relief Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD, SEP and Eric Sherman, PsyD are offering a training program for practitioners in the treatment of TMS/PPD for the academic year of 2014-2015. The intensive seven-month program includes classroom instruction, experiential learning, reading and writing assignments, and individual case consultations with Drs. Anderson and Sherman. Tuition ranges from $725 - $925, depending on participants' affiliation with the PSP, with an additional fee for case consultations of $100/session (or $125 for those unaffiliated with the PSP). To register, contact Nicole M. Seitz, LPC via email at or via telephone at (267) 971-5729.
For complete details about the program, curriculum, requirements and tuition, click here

Ongoing Events

Tuesdays at 9PM (Eastern Time): Call-In TMS Discussion Group
Saturdays at 3PM (Eastern Time): Drop-In Chatroom

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DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.
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